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Author Topic: Young for Old  (Read 1044 times)

Hello all...fist time poster but not new to the punting scene..have been reading all the post quietly in the background..my question is..are there any WGs under 30 that are good with older men..I am late 50s and have tended to punt with older women, but would like to see some younger girls that are cool with a man my age....any reccomendations appreciated...

Welcome here, I'm sure many will help you out.

Why don't you tell us about some of the older ones you have seen.

It will help us get an idea of your preferred type and laos location you are looking in.

Then maybe we can point you to a newer younger model to allow you to tradeonein!.

Offline Thehun10

Very interesting question.
Very few punters on here give their age.
If you go to an Edinburgh Sauna the punters are of all ages.
I think it will be the same on here.
I'm not sure it matters to the girls, but I'm only guessing.

The Hun is correct most maintain a sensible level of privacy but aside visiting a sauna where making a open choice of a girl may not suit you may choose to read the reviews on here.

Some may give you an indication of any girls attitude to the punt which may help you.   

I live about 20 miles south of Glasgow so its within easy reach...spent most of my early punting days around the Glasgow saunas which sadly are all closed now....of course like most on here I visited Magalie but that was once and once was enough...I don't know how to post links for WGs on adultwork ...mostly over 40 years old but the majority of them look like they need a run over with the steam iron first..

Offline pilgrim

Most girls are ok with seeing older punters, and clearly state this in their profiles.  Its the young mob with the bad attitude and swagger that they often state they wont see.

As for linking AW profiles, at the base of the profile there is two links both on one line.  One is the number, the other contains the profile name. Right click and drag over/highlight, then rightclick, copy, paste into your message content (this box) which you are typing in.  I was a bif with the computer but some helpful individuals on here pointed me in the right direction.

Give the members some idea of what services and type of WG you are looking for, incall outcall etc?  Read the reviews and pick some who you are interested in.

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