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Sunrise romford  thai massage does any  one know of this place di you get extra  can you get fs here and prices  and nzmes if poss any info please

I decided to TOFTT at this place but I am not sure if I should also post this in that specific thread.  I phoned the landline number on the advert as there doesn't appear to be a mobile which is very unusual these days.
I spoke to a woman who gave me the basic details, opening times, last appointment and prices.  When I asked about the women working she was very curt which gave me the impression that this shop is very orthodox. I am sure OPs have come across this reaction but i decided it would be worth a 30 min booking. At worst one usually gets a good massage and at best some extras.  The shop is next to a minicab office which is a bit offputting with the potential for people hanging around outside. On the plus side there is a car park opposite with plenty of free parking in the evening. Inside the shop is deceptively big and has 3 rooms  with reasonable space inside. There was an older Thai woman managing the reception who took the money, £25 for 30 mins, and directed me to a vacant room and introduced the masseuse who called herself A. A was wearing a black thigh length tunic which was doing a good job of covering her body shape.  My best estimate is a size 10-12, probably around 35-40. She invited me to get undressed and I obliged. She started the massage by applying a small amount of oil over the back, bum and legs, commenting that she wanted to warm up the skin. She started with the upper back and shoulders but quickly moved to the lower back and bum commenting that this was the most important part!!!  The WSWS antennae started twitching! She moved further down to the thighs with the first actual hints of a possible dessert.  She went up and down each leg moving closer each time to the scrotal region. The WSWS was moving into the How Quickly she will get there. Eventually the massage was entirely focussed on the upper inside thigh and bum area and the cc swipes became reach unders! At which point she asked me to turn over and continued where she had left off without stopping to discuss prices etc. I opened the bidding with 20 for HR which she accepted and continued to deliver a very good HR.  There are other women working but I wasn't able to establish how many or when.  Would I return? Yes

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Thanks YD.   :drinks:

Just called A?  Really?
Which day(s) does she work?

I got the impression she works for a week at a time. I didn't quiz her too closely, she just said that she was off this week. I saw her on a weekday, I think it was Thurs. I didn't enquire about other services. Next time.

Thanks for your review Yves_Dobon and I think it should go into Reviews, although im not up to speed with how to request the move etc

I assume this is 'Sunrise Spa' in Romford.

If you could use some line breaks when posting, I would really appreciate it, much easier to read.

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