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I've been meaning to post this review for some time but never got round to it because of computing problems. Anyway I had my eye on sashaminx (think that was her profile at the time) for a while. Her profile pics looked exactly like Cheryl cole, in fact I think that description was in her profile. I emailed her she replied and then when I went to book her profile had gone. She then had a new profile a few months later. She said it was due to gossips.

She only does outcall I believe and booked a 1 hour meet at my hotel when in Bristol. Great comms on the day, she arrived slightly early and I went down to meet her. She had had her haircut into a bob, which she said she hated. It looked fine to me but she didn't quite look the spit of Cheryl as a result. I never thought I had a thing for Cheryl until I saw this girls profile. Anyway she looked fab - jeans, t shirt etc, smart cas. I took her up to the room and made sure she was ok with the set up. Always aware on an outcall that girls may feel uncomfortable with the set up. She was fine.

She got changed in the bathroom and came out in very sexy underwear. She's in great shape - slim, great legs, flat stomach, fake boobs (which I love) but lots of tattoos and I mean lots. I didn't find them off putting at all but they really weren't my thing. We then started playing around and I found her to be very natural - no fake moans or bullshit. I spent an eternity on RO to the extent that my tongue was aching - although not enough to want to stop.

She then rolled me over, on the with condom and straight on top of me. She did feel amazing and lots of body and neck kissing. No dFK tho (she said it wasn't her thing. Shame really because it's on my like list especially for a GFE). We had sex in a variety of positions and given the view it made the punt more exciting for me. I'm pleased to say that I was on good form that night and certainly got my one hour.

She showered after, we had a chat and she then dressed and left. It was a very good natural punt. Would I see again? Yes but she is I think too pricey - £180ph. I suspect if tattoos isn't your thing she probably won't be for you. Last face pic also showed a new lip piercing! I guess body 'art' is her thing.  I'd say she's prob mid 30s?  Oh she also left some fake tan on my bed too. Not a problem in a hotel but maybe at home obviously. I did have a very good night and my best punt in a while
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Offline SirFrank

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