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Author Topic: PeachesandCream UK on AdultWork  (Read 935 times)

Offline Daffodil


Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in 'Requests for info'.
They're an AW agency with girls in Cardiff, Oxford, Exeter, Sunderland and Manchester. A few of the girls have feedback, some have private galleries. All list a group number and, sporadically, an individual mobile.
The girls I have had contact with have been ropey communicators at best and when it gets down to the important details regarding a meet they maintain radio silence.
Has anybody had any definite meets with their girls? Cheers!

Offline luv22bad

I have meet up with Busty Scarlette, been back twice!, great bod and pretty face, not sure if she is still with P&C tho.

Offline Daffodil

Busty Scarlette is the one I have had most trouble with. Often doesn't respond to texts/calls and when I did get some text comms going she became very ambiguous with her address (if I remember correctly the postcode was right on the main shopping street in Cardiff...not many appartments but plenty of shops of which to get a genuine Cardiff postcode).

She has 0 rating but one neutral feedback stating 'Time waster, we planned a hotel, I went in the morning to meet her and pay for the room, but she left without even texting.. waste of time.' This from a punter with a rating of 34.

She has a large (albeit cheap) private gallery.

I would question her genuinity and, I'm afraid as a direct result, that of luv22bad.

Offline XTC2

I know a couple of the girls on their site - the girls shown are pretty much all indies anyway, and P&Cs 'screening' process is practically non-existent. They just call up a girl, ask if she wants to be on their books, and if so adds them. So naturally some will be fine, and others won't, it's just luck of the draw. And you end up paying an agency fee for no reason.

Offline Jacob

Can't remember where but 'heard' that a lot of the girls are North West based and not where the profiles are located.

Just looked t this one, as I'm looking for something for tomorrow, and there is considerable difference between the Profile and Verification pictures, I'll be passing on this occasion.

A 'contact' did Punt one of the girls and she was fine, can't remember who though and 150 is too pricey IMO. Something not quite right with this setup.

I see they advertise Kit and Kat Lee but only show one profile, always fancied having twins! Anyone had the pleasure?

Offline luv22bad

I have met her on 3 occasions (she is that good) everytime was in a hotel (ibis or etap), the first time it cost me £150.00, she suggested if I wanted to see her again without going through a agency, she would charge £100.00 which I was more than happy to do.
I admit she is a bit of a mystery girl, she told me on the last visit that she fell out with the agency and is going solo and working as a lapdancer in Cardiff,
 there were times when she had no money to pay for the room so I would pay for it less what I would pay her which was fine by me

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