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Author Topic: Why do MILF WGs always dress slutty?  (Read 4235 times)

Offline mightymunce

Me thinks its not about whether she is a MILF but whether she looks good. I have seen countless youg girls in Essex dressed as sluts who just cannot carry it off. If the MILF looks good me thinks great.
Fir example this one has a very nice physique
[[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

She looks amazing.  When a MILF presents herself right, it's the sexiest thing for me... 

i have only seen a couple of MILFs and all have been really disappointing to look at..  far too much makeup, terrible orange tans, and dressing up in micro minis that only a 18 year old could really get away with....

Posh totty on the other hand makes me wonder how i can get over to london for a day viist...

Offline mightymunce

I have not seen her. I nearly went in Tuesdaybut could not get out of work

Offline mightymunce

Can someone show me how to post pictures?  I have more but I finds it cumbersome to post links?

Each to their own. I love milfs dressed as sluts. Mico skirts, high heels - always works for me.

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