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Author Topic: What's happened to KristenDD? Her profile has recently gone all sorts of crazy.  (Read 1053 times)

Offline Hellraiser

I've had the famous KristenDD on my Hotlist for a number of months now. Always wanted to make a booking, just needed to find the right time. I would still check in occasionally as she used to update pictures sometimes. Recently, however, she changed her profile and it was just... weird is the best way to describe it. Very hostile to anyone who is a new punter and thinking of booking her. I checked in again a couple of days ago and now it has turned into this:


Normally, I would put it down to maybe she is having a break or something like that. Only thing is, her behaviour has been erratic in the last few weeks. If she was thinking of having a temporary break, wouldn't it be better just to 'hide' the profile?

And yet... she is still logging in regularly, like today. So presumably she intends to return to escorting at some point. Especially as her hourly rates are still rate up.

I just hope that she isn't going crazy or something. Profiles that change from being friendly and welcoming to suddenly hostile, and then almost vanishing, where all the pictures are removed but the profile is still up, and she is still logging in often, really put me off because of erratic behaviour and how uncommon it generally is, It makes me wonder about the girls mental state.
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Offline KentAde

I believe she is changing a few things in her private life and presumably now wants to have some anonymity.....

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