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Offline akauya

After reading Panel999's field report on Maggie I decided to pay her a visit.


Booked for one hour, wanted to give myself a chance for two pops if possible. Unfortunately she was late so I had to go for the 45 mins service as I had to go back to work and was pressed for time myself.

Maggie is a very good looking girl. Tall, blond, great pair of tits (enhanced), size 10/12 with lovely curves. Very womanly. When I arrived she offered me a shower, to which I said OK and asked if she would like to join me. She said yes and we had a very enjoyable soapy shower together. Assisted showers are one of my fav. things to do so I was very happy. Some girls say 'I just had a shower' and refuse to join in so I was very pleased when Maggie joined me.

Back to the bed and she proceeded to give me an outstanding sloppy, deep throat BJ.  It was so good my latent Catholic surfaced as I started going all religious with 'Oh my God', 'Jeeeesus' every time she swallowed my cock all the way to her throat. As I was getting ready to pop I asked to get the mac on and got behind her to try her arse. So, can she take anal? Heck! not only can she take it, she actually likes it! I was pumping away and she was pushing back hard. I was balls deep in her and she was enjoying it (either that or she deserves a bloody good Oscar for her acting). She was very energetic and enthusiastic. With all that couldn't last very long before I popped.

After we both had a quick wash we went back to bed for a little chat. I was hoping the old fella could recover for a second go and was a bit worried about the time with the shower, BJ and fucking etc. Credit to Maggie that she managed to revive him with another great BJ although this time I wasn't as hard as the first time but hard enough. I knew it was too soon but I only had 45mins booking. Anyway on we went for a second go this time cowgirl where I got to play with her boobs, a few moments after she grabbed my cock and shoved it up her arse (still in cowgirl) and seeing my cock disappear up her arse and with me spreading her pussy lips open got me going again. So I got back to doggy and after another energetic 'A' session I popped my last one.

I must say though it was so energetic for a moment I thought my heart was going to pop out of my mouth. I had to go and have a cold shower to cool off. Two very energetic pops in 45 minutes a bit too much for me (I did take the blue pill without it I wouldn't have managed it) but I left a happy man. Knackered but happy.  :D

Negatives: None exactly and this is purely subjective and personal I would have liked her to wear a bit less make up. I like my women with a natural look. Also I prefer natural boobs but again this is subjective and not really a real negative. Her boobs look lovely. But look at it this way, in the real world would I be able to hook up with a girl like that? Not in a million years!

All in all Maggie is very friendly, chatty, pretty and very willing to please.

It was a great punt, thanks Panel999 mate, that was a great recommendation.


45 review(s) found for maggie21 linked to in above post (44 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)


Nice report akauya - i do agree about the extra make up she is a nice looking girl without the extra powder on her face But to each is own. I do like her arse and tits and may make another visit to her next month.

Happy Punting

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