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Author Topic: LoraLo  (Read 1738 times)

Anyone had the pleasure of seeing

https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewRatings.asp?UserID=2172362 ?

She sounds a bit young on the phone! Eeek. 

Any advice or heads would be much appreciated!

Offline Pauluk1

She's been around since last September and only picked up one neutral and a few good feedback.
If bareback Romanians are your thing then go for it.
Another thing about the feedback, people I imagine won't leave feedback for girls offering feedback as they don't want others to see the return feedback on their profile.

Thanks for the heads up about the BB. Looks like I need to let this little minx slide.  Something about her, just really turns me on though!

Offline Pauluk1

I can see what you mean.  The little bit of her pussy lips showing in the pics certainly does it for me.

Offline Urfi

How come she swallows but doesn't do cim? Do you have to squirt it up her nostrils? :wackogirl:

Offline CoolTiger

How come she swallows but doesn't do cim? Do you have to squirt it up her nostrils? :wackogirl:

Reminds me of notices in hospitals, by the bedside... "Nil by Mouth"... perhaps we ought to start a thread of "spunk fed by drips"!!

Have kept this girl on my hotlist as she does look worth a try but just waiting for some more feedback from the group  so has any one taken the plunge???

Offline apeter

She's pretty much the perfect look for me, but obviously the bareback on the list is a no no. I have a feeling although that it usually just means the like list is a load of tosh and you'll just get a pretty vanilla service.

I wouldn't care if her service was vanilla, her booty looks damn good with the thin waist and cute face. I'm about an hour out of birmingham so can't be bothered to see her unless there is much better feedback.

So anyone seen her?

Offline bigjim

yep i have seen her a few times and a good service, she does offer BB but she has always had a bag for me when i said no

she will happely do anal and kisses

do not go on a match day as parking is impossable

BJim  :music:

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