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Author Topic: Teenage Taboo Whore? any one had her?  (Read 1322 times)

Offline eldritch

Hidden feedback, bareback in her likes...this will end well.

Offline KentAde

Escort scam written all over it......

Offline potato

Rating 642 with 650 positives, 20 Neutrals, 8 Negatives, 53 Disputes!  No field reports.

I reckon she is a webcammer and PG is £4 for 24 hours so probably never meets. 642 rating in 23 months is going to be a webcammer

Offline Ted Bear

 :timeout used to known white trash or white estate trash (search forum) I think mostly negative.I remember poo/cock thumbnail movie gallery - Dont think I can erase that image from memory :vomit:

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