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Author Topic: A redhead from Belarus  (Read 2020 times)

As usual, I'm not keen on the tatts...she does look pretty cute though!  One of her reviewers has also reviewed a number of long-standing AW girls, which should increase the chances of her being genuine.

Probably too young for me, and it's a shame she doesn't list CIM, but I'll pop her on the HL anyway and would also be interested to hear what other people here think.

Thanks for pointing her out, t s & w   :thumbsup:

Offline Ted Bear

:thumbsup: looks good, added to my WG-Atlas HL.
Feedback nothing to go by, best to keep an eye on her :cool:

Offline mattylondon

https://www.adultwork.com/2170037 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexxykitten

What do you guys think? Anybody seen her?
Decent enough body. Mid-range rates for an EE girl in London, at least. Profile clearly not written by her.

Why EE girls hardly ever smile is beyond me? They always look so bloody miserable, which would put me right off, if it wasn't for their youth, generally fit bodies, looks and agreeable rates! :D

Personally, I don't like profiles that are private gallery only, as that always makes me suspicious but that tends to suggest that she'll work with a group of girls in the same flat.

In the light of that, I'd probably book no more than a 15 minute oral and sex minute quickie, just to test the water, which would include her attitude and advertised services, which I'd have to question, as I don't believe she wrote the profile. If you do punt her, you'd better establish beyond any doubt what she'll deliver before you hand over your money. If she turned out to be genuine, one could always try to extend to 30 minutes. I wouldn't risk my money and  pay up to 1 hour, unless she was recommended by a punter who I trusted.  :hi:

« Last Edit: February 10, 2014, 10:23:48 PM by mattylondon »

Aha, interesting that there's a thread about this girl.  This gives me an opportunity to regale you all with the story of My First Punt.  Settle down now, I hope you don't mind me spinning a bit of a yarn...

It was around November or December last year that I decided to give punting a go, and so I signed up to AW, having heard of it before, and Diana - or sexxykitten - was actually one of the first girls that caught my eye.  From the pics she basically had everything I like; red hair (natural would be preferred but dyed, as hers looks to be, is ok), piercings, tattoos... I would prefer larger breasts but her body in those pics is good enough to make up for that.  So I saved her profile to my hotlist while I ummd and errd over whether to actually go ahead with the whole punting thing.  I saw many other profiles I liked the look of but I always seemed to come back to hers, and I actually made arrangements to see her around December time, but I chickened out of it and cancelled!

A few weeks ago, during February I think, I decided to just go for it.  It was a sunday afternoon and her phone number was on her profile, which meant she was working.  Back in December I had messaged her, but this time I took the plunge and gave her a call.  She answered and said that yes, she was working today, and I gave a time I would like to see her.  She said it was fine and she'd text me the address and just to text her when I was outside, which she then did.  I texted back 'Thanks, see you at 5', and she replied 'see you at 5 :-)'.

So I turned up at the address - which is a very discreet little place next to Woolwich Arsenal DLR station; I will give credit to the fact that it's a very cleverly chosen location - and texted her.  I waited about a minute or two for a response and then decided to just ring the doorbell instead.  After a short wait the door was answered by a man.  Ok, I figured, probably her security or something.  He led me up some stairs to the flat and I saw people wandering about, including one girl with black hair who was very pretty, and I tried to work out if it was Diana having dyed her hair or something.  I was pretty sure it wasn't and I realised now that the place was a brothel, which was not what I had been hoping.  Diana's profile said that she was independent (I note it doesn't anymore), and I was not really keen on the idea of turning up to a brothel, having read up on prostitution laws and not really wanting to do anything illegal.

I was led into a bedroom and told to wait, and shortly the man re-appeared with two girls.  I told him I was here to see Diana, and he said 'Diana is...' and made a gesture meaning she wasn't available, though whether because she wasn't there or was busy I don't know.  So it was clear that I was meant to pick one of the two girls he had brought in.  One of them was the pretty girl I had seen as I came in, and I decided by this point I might as well go with it, so I picked her.  They asked how long I wanted to say and I said half an hour, which was £60 - so at least the rates were as it said on the profile.

If the girl told me her name I didn't catch it and I was so nervous I forgot to ask.  She was very nice though and easy to talk to; she was probably Eastern European but her English was totally fluent and she was very bright, studying a degree in roughly the same field I work in so we had something to talk about.  The session itself had a bit of a 'service' feel to it; it went massage, oral with, then sex.  It was pretty basic but on the whole kind of ideal as a first punting experience, I'd see the girl again if I was able to be sure of seeing her when I got there.

On the way out she said to me 'sorry you didn't get to see the girl you were after', which I felt a little guilty about, but I said not to worry as she had been great.

Later on I discovered that I had got a reply to the text I sent when I arrived, saying to ring the doorbell (which is what I did anyway).  So, what I was left wondering was whether Diana exists?  The photos look to me like they could well have been taken in the flat I visited.  I definitely spoke to someone on the phone who answered to the name Diana, and it wasn't the girl I saw.  Perhaps she had been snapped up by someone who arrived just before me (I did turn up about 5 minutes late), or perhaps the profile is just a way to lure people to the brothel and the phone answered by whoever has it at the time.  I'm guessing, by the by, that one can possibly just turn up there without calling ahead, once you know where it is.  They certainly didn't seem to know whether or not I'd booked.

I'm not sure whether I would give it another go and try and see Diana.  I'm not terribly comfortable with brothel visits as I'd rather not break the law, but this place is very discreet and the girls seem to be treated well, I don't expect it's in danger of getting raided.

What I'd be interested to know is if anyone has actually managed to see the real Diana.

Offline vt

You have much to learn my friend...stick around and learn from the guys who've seen it all before.  :drinks:

It would seem that this is a 'bait & switch' profile...they lured you with a picture of a girl who may or may not exist and wanted to palm you off with another, usually it's an inferior girl. You were lucky in that the girl they offered you was attractive and gave good service, but that rarely happens in this situation.

The other thing you mentioned is stepping into criminality in a brothel. Neither you nor the girl are committing no offence punting in a brothel, unless the girl is underage or can prove to be coerced, but AFAIK no convictions have been secured for this offence. But obviously if you want to see a genuine independent girl, you don't want to be visiting a brothel.

A lot of AW indies work in 'groups', shared flats, brothels. Recommendations on here will point you to the girls who work genuinely independently, either out of hotels, serviced apartments or their own place.

Yeh I was wondering how much of what I said would sound familiar to the old hands on here.  Interesting to know!

I obviously need to re-read about UK prostitution law then.  I was under the impression that anyone with a pimp is considered to be 'controlled' and hence it's illegal for all involved, but I may be getting mixed up with, say, Canadian law.

Offline vt

Yeh I was wondering how much of what I said would sound familiar to the old hands on here.  Interesting to know!

I obviously need to re-read about UK prostitution law then.  I was under the impression that anyone with a pimp is considered to be 'controlled' and hence it's illegal for all involved, but I may be getting mixed up with, say, Canadian law.

The relevant offence is in Section 51A of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 'Controlling prostitution for gain' which would apply to the owner of a brothel establishment and anyone involved in managing it like a receptionist/maid, but not any girls or punters.

There was a new section 53A added in 2010 which made an offence of "paying for sexual services of a prostitute subjected to force etc"...but it would appear that there have been very few convictions under this offence as it is difficult to prove the coercion...but yes, wise to avoid any dodgy places where you suspect the girls aren't free to leave.

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