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Author Topic: i need help  (Read 528 times)

Afternoon fellas, just new here so please go easy. Sometime last year I used diamonds to book a girl. The service from the agency was first class as was the girl. However I cannot remember her name. It might have been Chelsea or Charlie. She's about 5 ft 3, smoker, amazing kisser. She worked in the flat with the metal shutters. Any ideas who she is and where she works now ??

Offline aardvark

Try PM-ing AnthG. That is bis neck of the woods and he seems to know a great deal about the ladies on his turf.

Offline b911

Charlie is really tiny, short v petite red ish hair tatoos, Chelsea has black hair, a good size 12 and offers anal. If its one or the other that should be enough for you to tell them apart

It'll be the gorgeous Charlie. Need to meet her again

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