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Author Topic: The Garage Girls - Newport / Classy Italia  (Read 14593 times)

fookk....lmao...charlie is still ther but has went a bit ruff /////
italia i think is skinny brunnete .........but not sure......

Offline aardvark

They have a website.   Google 'garage girls newport'.

Offline Punt37

I usually see Kim. Awesome set of boobies!!!

Offline shaftus

Went there the other day, saw Gabby this time, she was good. £50 for 30 mins, and £20 for OWO.
Great massage, infect best one i have had.
Doggy style then her on top.
Job done.

She is tall with a slim body, tits are not bad.
Saw Kim there a year or so back, fit looking girl, good tits and arse.
Nothing was on offer at all, so it was  very basic visit.
Classy Italia
She was there the day and the thing that struck me was that she looks like she has lost weight.
I saw her  a few times in Caldicot and her pictures were slightly misleading, now thought it is looking better.
Her services from Caldicot were good, awesome anal. She would wear most things too, her PVC was her best IMO.
If she is only charging £50 for 30 mins even for a basic punt it is a bargain.
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