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Author Topic: Scottish Brunette - GLASGOW  (Read 1815 times)

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These days I don’t usually do reviews as I got a little pissed at all the AW encouragement by girls to give them feedback a little too annoying. However on signing in today I see a review on 2 ladies one of which I also saw last week – Scottish Brunette. 

Cost: £100 for an hour.

Comms: Phone number displayed on AW, Answered 1st time, nice friendly chat. I’d already seen Jenna once before about 2 years ago and although she could not remember me (Hey I’m no John Holmes despite being born a few years later – obviously without that unique appendage) however she asked a few questions and agreed a time to meet later that same day.

Venue: Discrete spacious luxury apartment in Merchant City with on street parking and NCP nearby. I was offered a drink and also a shower both before and again after the session. Bathroom was spotlessly clean and had a supply of fresh towels and plenty of male toiletries for use (No damp towel over a radiator and grotty loo style, like some I have encountered)

Appearance: AW description correct – petite, brunette, size 10 with big natural breasts and a toned tanned body.
Greeted at door with a warm smile and wearing a nice dress with killer heels. When we eventually got to bedroom she removed her dress to reveal a real sexy figure and she deliberately bent over teasingly to display her wonderful ass and shapely legs. Off with Bra and Knicks to reveal a really toned body that was soft and smooth to the touch.     
Displayed pictures definitely don’t do her full justice she’s the youngest looking and fresh faced ‘age 30’ that I’ve ever seen.

Services: Her likes list is fairly comprehensive and it suited me fine as it’s been my 1st FS punt in a while. She immediately started kissing me with some eager DFK and then allowed me to kiss down her body and gently tease her nipples before enjoying her smooth pussy. Then she gave me OWO for about 10 mins sucking and licking both my cock and balls along with some real deep throating that made things wet and slobbery just as I like it. Definitely more Dyson than old Hoover she can suck alright. We then moved into reverse oral before she decided to climb on top (having put cover on) and rode me like a pogo stick. I haven’t bumped and bounced around so much for many years when she was on top and then into some doggy before I could hold back no longer. Afterwards no jumping up and hinting it’s  time to go but spent good 5 mins chatting and gently stroking although the weeman was definitely playing dead having spurted more cum that I can recall in a long time. Went for shower got dressed and left with a kiss and cuddle on way out and a spring in my step.     

Likes: Very down to earth and easy to chat with. Liked the fact she didn’t assume I was not up for some horny fun despite being much older than her. She played the game and let me get down to some serious fucking and responded well even if play acting I enjoyed my starring role. 

Dislikes: Tats and Piercings - Not my thing at all but now appears to be the standard WG badge these days. Piercings can disrupt my sucking and licking style which I really do enjoy!  Too many amalgam fillings - yeh still got all my own teeth. Even at my old age! Body Art Tats - will these young girls ever think back with a slight regret in their later ‘normal’ family life say age 40+ ladies?
IMO tats just look like washed out paintings & piercings like loose shower curtain rings on older saggy skin – Yes I’ve had the misfortune to visit a few older painted ladies in my past.

Conclusion: Well worth a punt and good VFM. I would definitely go back again and having read other recent review on Jenna may even try that as I have also met Iona a few times before last being in summer last year.

Have given review type comments previously on several girls amongst other posted threads on here but guess now I have started my 1st review I’ve popped my UKP virginity. Hopefully more reviews to follow.

To TJ and any others who may say ‘fluffy’ well maybe but older bones need softer landings.

4 review(s) found for Glasgow Stripper linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Daffodil

Good review and sounds like a good punt to me.

I find her pictures pretty sexy actually, a good example of a profile without face pictures that can still attract me.

Valdishere great review....... Def on the hot list.....bit I will have to wait till week after next as I got a few dates booked with Abbi_luscious next week........but keep up the good reviews

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