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Author Topic: Young, slim, British?  (Read 1342 times)

Hi. I'm probably not alone in preferring British (or American/Australian/Canadian/Irish/Kiwi - or even those who have lived in UK for like a decade and seem British even if born elsewhere) women in the 18-24 category on AW. But in, and within an hours train drive, of London there seems to be a real lack of them. So can anyone recommend any? While price is a factor feel free to even recommend expensive ones. Ideally wanting the slim student type, but other recommendations welcome. Willing to travel - but only as far as say Brighton/Oxford/Cambridge/Reading/Colchester.

This thread is showing just below yours at the moment and covers the same topic:


Mostly Romanians but there are a couple of other suggestions which might meet your requirements.  Good hunting.

Offline the lurker

missybanks is your girl, very slim apart from natural rack and totally English. Can't do link from my phone, sorry.

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