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Author Topic: Muff shaving  (Read 748 times)

Offline maxxblue

Anyone shaved a muff?

I'm wondering whether to book a muff-shaving session (if anyone is willing).

Has anyone done it before, and was it erotic, or was it boring?

Why ask?
If you want to shave a muff, go for it  :rolleyes:

Offline Daffodil

Sounds dull as fuck to me. Are there prossies who advertise this service?

As FB says, if this interests you then jut go for it and shave some muff. HP won't thank you for it though.

Offline CatBBW

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An ex of mine used to get off on shaving mine. He only got to do it a couple of times though, cos I hated it so much - the WHOLE experience of getting shaved, being shaved/bald, stickyness, crustyness, stubble, spots, itching, scratching, growing back, spikeyness, spikey even more, constant itching until it was a length long enough not to irritate.

So if anyone wanted me to shave/wax me now, it would deffo come at a price.
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