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Author Topic: Ema Sensual  (Read 601 times)

Offline chokey123

Haven't seen anyone post stuff from this site before, although it's probably all for good reasons. Anywho, anyone seen her before?


Offline 8a8ylon

Not met her but in Luton I be careful.  But I would see my link below if u just want to hand over £ to someone.

If u do go if u get cum once / twice bit WALK!

Offline chokey123

Yeah saw the link, but I'd have to walk there; don't really want to walk for a 15min punt :S Plus from what I read from your review, I get the impression she'll kill most of the time by talking
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Offline 8a8ylon

Maybe u will find my close shave a lot better


And let me know what I missed.  Great tites

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