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Had a punt with this lady while she worked out of the Essex Street flats in Birmingham although now she works in Milton Keynes and Codnor , Derbyshire . Just thought i'd better state that up front.

Only one word to describe Sarah really. Filth. All the services offered were delivered with gusto, eye contact and sweat! I have been trying to chase her down for a two-girl but funds haven't made themselves available as yet.

She does exactly what she puts on her AW tin, which, lets face it, is a rare thing these days. Good comms , clean and enthusiastic. Can't really think of a downside to the punt. I came away feeling like i'd just been in a low rent porno!

At one point whilst i was fucking her in the arse, she grabbed a dildo from the bedside table and started sucking it with one hand and working her pussy with the other. And that was me over! Not the greatest conversationalist in the world, but that wasn't really what i was there for.

1 review(s) found for sarah sweetie linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Talbear

Excellent review.... Thanks for that...

Think I'll be giving her a miss as she's a little on the 'Curvy' side for my tastes ..!!! :vomit:

Each to their own though!!!

Offline Samanthasweetie

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Thanks jeza for the feedback hope we meet again for more filthy fun.

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