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Offline ciscoxxx69

Ha Ha Mr Cisco whats going on !!!

I had a great sexy session with the lovely Sexy Elise this afternoon in Maidenhead and as you were a no show it seems I had some extra 'Free' time -  :hi: Thank You Sir -  :hi:

 Review to follow as I do not want to derail on Lucy 2015 thread.

Grrrrrrrrrr  :dash:.........and, Relax !  :lol:

Online webpunter

Grrrrrrrrrr  :dash:.........and, Relax:lol:
I'm sure that PW did relax - in a nice leisurely manner.  Little would he have known at the time as to who the 'billy-blow-out' punter was [i assume - clients confidentiality & all that].  Looking back then makes it all the more fun for PW in retrospect - especially with the added free time :)


I'm sure that PW did relax - in a nice leisurely manner.  Little would he have known at the time as to who the 'billy-blow-out' punter was [i assume - clients confidentiality & all that].  Looking back then makes it all the more fun for PW in retrospect - especially with the added free time :)

Yes agreed - there was No mention from Elise about a cancellation, it was a very NICE relaxing session - and she does look great in her school girl outfit - I would recommend this outfit above all others - she did look incredibly HOT and So sexy with her school tie and white tight shirt with black hold ups - Top girl - Definitely in the Platinum status class -

She is up there with Platinum Cindy, Michelle Indi, Madlin Moon, Sexy Dee, Hot Katalina, Stacy Summer, sexy leticia for you, Laura Super Star, Jessy189 and Mia Stars - My Top 10 on AW - 100% recommendation - Really cannot go wrong with any of these 10 Platinum Status girls IMO.


Offline ciscoxxx69

Date: Saturday 21st - early AM.
Place: Reading
Venue: A discreet, modern, well appointed, apartment
Fee: £160ph

Happy to report I enjoyed a very Horny, playful hour with the complete Nympho that is Lucy, on Saturday morning :P
This is my 8th visit to this very sexy, naughty girlie MILF and was as satisfying and fulfilling as ever.

I opened the door to her faux Secretary look, glasses, tight pinstripe corsetty top, 34D boobs busting out, tight matching pinstripe skirt, sussies and black stockings and fuck me slut platforms.
She is a very pretty, very willing, very happy, Blonde, Polish Bombshell who just loves Sex..... :P

It was early, but I had taken a half bottle of Prosecco for a 'Champagne' breakfast.....we never got to open it.
I was in the mood to lead proceedings.
We started off with prolonged Deep French kissing, gentle caressing and touching, which eventually lead to her unbuckling my jeans, dropping to her knees and rubbing her face into my groin. She then released my cock from my underpants and gently started to lick up and down my shaft. She circled the head with her tongue, lapping up any pre-cum and took it full into her mouth.....all the way in. I held her head firmly until she gagged and choked, and let out gobs of drool. This seemed to encourage her, so back on it right to the back of her throat.....again held her head in position for 5 or 10 seconds, before gently starting to fuck her face. 
I was getting a bit ahead of myself, so pulled her up, kissed her make-up stained face and laid her down on the bed.

Time for some sensuous oral on her, licking all around her snatch and arsehole, whilst reaching up to play with her tits. I then held her arms tightly part as I sunk my tongue as far as I could deep inside her cunt.
She started to moan as I tongued and licked and sucked her wet pussy.
By now my fingers were also teasing her holes. Pulling her pussy lips gently apart, whilst spitting on her ass hole and rimming it with my finger.

I had concocted a filthy Bukkake fantasy story in my head and wanted to share it with her.
I moved up onto the bed to lie down next to her, and began to kiss her gently and play with her pussy.
I started the story, which involved Lucy and Sophie (Naughty Slut Soph) on a girlie night out looking for cock. I told Lucy to close her eyes and picture the scene I was describing.
It went perfectly......and it was extremely erotic to watch someone so turned on and into it. A real turn-on and sense of power. She was completely lost in the fantasy.

As the story developed and became more intense, my fingers moved from gently teasing her, to firmly rubbing her and finding her g-spot, to four fingers fucking her her cunt as hard and fast as I could.....she was sooo wet and turned on, screaming and sobbing, and this culminated in her squirting over my hand and cumming so hard at the completion of the story as I thumped my hand inside her, I thought I would dislocate my wrist.

It had been so intense, and as she awoke from her post orgasmic haze, she said
"Jesus Christ....how do you do that to me? I am so horny now.....Oh my God. I gotta have that cock in me"
I felt quite pleased with myself  :D

"So which hole do you want it in?" I enquired
"Oh....I want you to fuck my ass doggy. And I want you to cum over my asshole" she excitedly replied.
She got some lube (she likes it wet and slippery when banging her ass) and applied the condom to my dribbling cock. She took a massive dildo out her bedside drawer and her big black power vibe too.
Head down in the pillow and on all fours, she presented her perfect 'Kylie' ass in the air and placed the vibe on her clit.
I lubed up her ass, watching it slide down her asscrack first, and then lubed my condomed cock.

At first I rubbed my stiff, aching cock all around her perfect butthole, gently easing it open for play. She reached behind, and pulled her ass cheeks apart inviting me in.
"Okay slut. Tell me what you want you dirty whore" I said
"I want your cock deep in my ass you dirty bastard" was her slutty reply.
And with that I slid my rock hard dick, slowly inside her arse.
Slow, grinding strokes, were soon replaced by harder banging thrusts as I pumped her arse harder and harder. She grabbed the black vibe and placed it, buzzing in pulse mode, against her clit.
Her face, turned towards the left, eyes closed in ecstasy, was firmly in the pillow now. Her weight was on her shoulders, as she reached between her legs to press the vibe against her dripping wet pussy as I pumped her ass hard.
She let out another prolonged howl of ecstatic delight and sobbed again at the completion of another shuddering orgasm.
(Smug look number two from me :D)

I hadn't finished and didn't let up fucking harder into her butt. I forced her down almost flat onto the bed, with her legs now together, and her arse raised slightly, this was a fantastically sensuous position. I slowed things down and just watched my cock sliding in and out of her arse as she groaned her approval.....
Without a word, she now grabbed her big pink dildo, lifted her ass a little more, and began to slide it into her soaking pussy.
She began to fuck herself in the pussy, in time with me fucking her ass. This was such a horny sight. Me going in and out of her arse, her fucking in and out of her pussy with her left hand, whilst holding the vibe against her clit with her right hand......

"Are you close baby?" She enquired, her eyes still closed in erotic bliss.
"Yes. I am gonna wank my spunk all over that tight, just fucked, slut asshole of yours....okay?" I countered
"Oh my God. Yes please. I wanna feel your hot cum on my ass" she responded.
I withdrew my cock from her ass, and began to slowly wank it as I watched her fuck herself with the pink dildo.
It didn't take very long before I felt my balls tighten, and my cock twitch and convulse as a rush of hot jizz forced its way up my dick.
"Oh here it comes Baby...." I cried in ecstasy as I exploded and shot a huge hot load over the crack of her ass and small of her back.
With the feel of hot spunk all over her arse, she immediately erupted into another knee trembling orgasm, accompanied by more sobbing and wailing as she did so......
(smug look number 3 :D)
"OMG - we came together....Wow that was horny. You cum loads Yes? " she enquired as we cleaned up.

Although the (fantastic) Sex was over within the hour, we chatted and laughed for a while afterwards for nearly another hour. 

She is not a clock watcher at all, unless understandably, she has other appointments to keep.
She is a fun Girl, having a good time.
She needs to be a bit more organised, as she does get busy at times and seems to have a busy social life.
But she definitely loves Sex, craves sex.........and that is what does it for me.
Yes she is doing this to earn some good money, she LOVES Sex for money.....a real whore, but she also enjoys it too........she is a very Horny Girl and to me, that makes all the difference......she wants to please you, and is very responsive  - which I really like :D :rose: :hi:

100% recommended  :drinks:


Another chapter in Mr Cisco's ever expanding 'Book of Punts'

Nice review  :hi:

Offline vorian

Nice update Mr C. :hi:

Anymore duos planned with Lucy yet?
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline ciscoxxx69

Nice update Mr C. :hi:

Anymore duos planned with Lucy yet?

No, but she is well up for it......insatiable when it comes to Dirty Sex.

Wants a Gangbang with NSS !  :wacko:

No, but she is well up for it......insatiable when it comes to Dirty Sex.

Wants a Gangbang with NSS !  :wacko:

Hi Cisco - a classic review and a joy to read. Does lucy do duos with Leticia?

Offline ciscoxxx69

Hi Cisco - a classic review and a joy to read. Does lucy do duos with Leticia?

They have done one.
Lucy didn't know anything about it...... :cool:
It involved Letish being mildly dominant, tying Lucy up and teasing her with a Male friend....but I think the Male friend also became shackled too and Letish just got herself off in front of them whilst they were powerless to play.
They all got together in the end of course, but it sounded like a lot of fun.
Leticia described it as the best 2hours fun she has had this year.....!
Lucy and Leticia have become quite good friends since They contacted each other at the beginning of the year. Lucy wanted some advice on AW stuff, and I suggested she give Leticia a call.

Lucy is full on Bi-Sexual, where as Leticia is more Bi-Curious.....she enjoys kissing girls.
Leticia doesn't want to 'get involved' with a friend further than that I think... :unknown:

Or.....the short answer is....
Yes they would work together, but it would have to be a well thought out scenario I think.

Or....an even short her answer.
Phone Leticia and ask (I think she likes YOU) Lucy deffo would..... :hi:
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