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Author Topic: How WGs piss punters off  (Read 2174 times)

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I was a later starter lol.  To be honest I had no intention of working again until Monday, but seeing as he comes over from Oxford to see me and he is someone I have been seeing for a fair time now and I like him (he's a lovely guy) and didn't want to say no.  I am looking forward to him seeing the new place.  I've worked hard to make it look nice and probably spent way too much on it, but you have to speculate to accumulate and all that.
You are beginning to seriously piss me off Lady P  :P :)

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Offline Wayang

Back on subject:

'Darhling, darhhling, darling......'

'I only started here today...., last week....'

'I ahve not been doning this very long.......'

Offline Wayang

There are a lot of prostitutes who easily make £2,000 a week - that's £100,000 a year! Bear in mind too that their "earnings" are tax free. So the above is entirely possible. One prostitute, Dollymopp, freely admits that the "donations" she gets from her clients are going towards Dollymopp Mansion!

FFS what has this to do with things WGs say that annoy punters - stop smoking that stuff.

Offline Matium

"I've made loads of cash today, you're my 12th Client of the day"
"I've sucked so many cocks today"
"I'm picking up my Porsche on Saturday"  I did actually have a WG tell me that she had just bought a 2nd hand Boxter from escorting earnings and was picking it up that week, she declared that she would be stopping when she had enough for a deposit on a house - was probably just talking shit mind.

I was referring to the above and how it's all entirely possible.

Offline Geetaw1

A girl since told me that she cleared about a £1k a DAY! Maybe it was just her way of refusing my request to cum up her nose (don't ask) for extra money.

Offline oconnor

FFS what has this to do with things WGs say that annoy punters - stop smoking that stuff.

Agree.  She shouts loudly enough about herself without any additional help :(

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