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Author Topic: English Minx  (Read 696 times)

Offline Arar77

Hi all

Has anyone seen this lady?  https://www.adultwork.com/1154238

I appreciate she's not based in London, but given that she's close by (and was in Potters Bar until recently), and far more people seem to use this forum than the South East one, I thought it was worth an ask in here...  Have to say, I haven't seen many better looking WG's (personal opinion, I know), so I'd be interested to hear whether the pics are up to date and accurate.

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Offline a10

I've seen her three or four times. First off the photos are her but from a few years ago. She's got a banging tight body and was always tanned when I saw her. She's difficult to get hold of and likes a drink - I was always offered booze when I saw her. She's a porno fuck and likes it dirty but can get bored if you take a while to finish (personal experience). She told me her profile was written for her and there's definitely someone running her in the background, but she's a "meet me a couple if times and I'll give you my private number" kind of girl.

All in all, if you're prepared to put up with some shit, she's worth the wait.  I'd definitely go back if our paths cross again.

Offline Arar77

Lovely, thanks very much for that!

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