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Author Topic: Juliet's boudoir..???  (Read 1309 times)

Offline Talbear

So having followed this girl on twitter for a few months (Juliette Escort).... Blonde Marilyn Monroe wannabe).... It appears that she is now setting up a whorehouse over Solihull way...  She's on AW as Just Juliet, and I paid her a visit a while back....

Excellent punt btw....

However it now looks like she setting up a new place for the Punting gents of Birmingham.... Could be an interesting development...

Any thoughts or views on this ...??? It's been well documented on prossie net....


Offline Juankerr

I'm sure you are aware Mr T that Juliet also used to work at the now defunct Pump club. I've also read that thread on auto-censored so hopefully there will be something to rival Libra-sauna for me at least and it's about time , the state of Birmingham's parlour scene is pretty poor IMO , I just hope it isn't a membership style setup like the Pump operated with , that put me off going there so I never did. Keep those eye's peeled  ;)


The 'membership' at pump was discreet. All they asked for was a name, didn't even have to be your own, (I just gave a first name) and they gave you a card which looked like a taxi firm business card with a number on the back.

At no time did I have to give any personal details.

Juliet is great so hopefully she will continue to work there and bring some of the Milton Keynes girls with her.

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