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Author Topic: Teen Daisy of Willesden NW2  (Read 4493 times)

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Daisy of Willesden Green

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2277025 or https://www.adultwork.com/TEEN%5FDAISY

Look at her photographs and you will see why I chose Daisy. She has a gorgeous smile, a curvy figure between a 12 and 14. Great skin quality and a glow. Her photos are totally realistic. A real peach but a little young for me.

Called her only a half hour before, and she was happy to be ready for me, texted the street name and postcode and to call when near. The only slight snag was that the area is mostly resident parking so I had to find a meter and tiptoe through the raindrops to her front door and call once more to be admitted but it was not a real problem.

Large house looks like it needs a lick of paint but apartment was OK, clean, well appointed. Bathroom spotless. Chocolate willingly accepted with a smile and a kiss. £ accepted with another smile and she went off to stash it away. I asked about a duo but she said her flat mate was a student and not working. No idea if male or female, never heard a noise or saw anyone. Room OK but the bed had a large towel over the sheet and no duvet or cover and I was chilled from the weather. I had fancied a snuggle to relax.

Daisy was in a gown that was off long before I was out of my clothes. Some kissing and then she motioned me to sit on the end of the bed while I tried to figure out her accent – English was excellent. What a surprise, she sat me down, went on her knees and went straight for mister happy, like a child with a lollipop. After a while I had to restrain her or that would have been that. I took a pillow and I went down on my own knees on the pillow and licked her out. That surprised her too!

And then we lay on the bed for that snuggle and snog and I was surprised at the large size and responsiveness of her young breasts. I am not sure that she knew what she or we might do next, due to her inexperience. She appeared to withdraw a little whenever she thought I was being too passionate whether with licking her out, or sticking my tongue in her mouth or trying to kiss both her nipples at once. On the other hand, I could have hammered a picture hook with mister happy, she had him so hard.

Then she cleaned me up gently with a wet wipe and on with the inevitable umbrella and I went down on her on missionary intending to go doggy at the end. But the umbrella made me take so long to get erect again that I stayed inside for a long and noisy unilateral climax. I am not sure if she came or not.

Then I ‘got’ something unexpected. Her ‘Polish’ accent was Irish. She had lived there for 8 years and her brogue was strong overlaying the Polish.

Post coital bliss and then off I went. £90 for a good hour but I might have made do with a half which I shall do if there is an action replay one day. I did not manage to make her gush.

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2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Look at her photographs and you will see why I chose Daisy.

All I can see is a teenage girl that has had far too much McDonalds back at home... :dash:

Offline smiths

Look at her photographs and you will see why I chose Daisy.

All I can see is a teenage girl that has had far too much McDonalds back at home... :dash:

She even states she has a petite figure, 12-14 as HP has posted isnt petite as arent her genuine according to her pictures which dont show a petite woman. :hi:

Offline Tonyleung

Sound like my kina girl :) Cheers for the review.

Offline CatBBW

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Offline Tonyleung

actually fuck that - she just went up from £90 to £120. That puts her in the same range as Plat.Cindy and Miss.Salacious (both yet to be seen on my hotlist)

Offline akauya

Interesting review HP. Not my kind of girl but I think you frightened her away - she's changed her name and moved to Southend


Looks like she's back in London.

https://www.adultwork.com/2370592 or https://www.adultwork.com/Teen%5FDaisy

And her prices have lowered as well by the looks of it.  Think I might give her a visit at some point.

Offline bigone

I think she still on holiday with sami not back till may

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