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Author Topic: Central massage Bristol  (Read 1444 times)

Hi all,

I was just wandering if anyone has been to this parlour lately?

I haven't punted for a few weeks now after a couple of bad/un satisfied visits here. It's the only place I've used as the price is decent, I read mixed reviews (a lot of positive) and after visiting here twice and having 2 very lovely women I thought it was great and the place for me.

I returned again maybe with too high expectations admittedly after only visiting twice, but I did have 2 out of 2 very satisfied visits. But when I did return I picked my choice and who seemed the most keen/smiley but it was a disappointment. She asked how long I would be, said times almost up after only 15 mins, kept leaving to check the time and wasn't very happy. Blah blah blah..

Anyway 2 visits out of my 4 have been very disappointing and the other 2 out of the 4 have been great with excellent women! My bad visits seem to have occurred before Xmas time and the 2 bad almost very early in tho this new year.

Anyway just maybe a little heads up to anyone thinking to pay a visit and I was wandering if anyone else has any light to shed on this place in the past couple of weeks? Are there any alternative parlours of similar value for money and number of girls around or close to bristol? Tops massage still looks to be closed and no sign of life.

Any help, advice, opinions or recommendations would be very much appreciated on this parlour in particular of any other ones in or close to Bristol!


Offline camus

Similar experience to me mate. I've decided to stop using Central from now on. I've had some ok times there but when you get a bad experience (rude, miserable & bossy girls) I stop using a place....I'm going to spend a bit extra and find a friendly, sexy escort instead...

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