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Author Topic: Advice needed  (Read 2378 times)

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akauya - I have tried online dating, been on some dates but never lead anywhere.  I'm not one of these so called lads with all the banter(bullshit in other words) or really good looking and that what seems to matter to many nowadays.

Absolute rubbish unless you are trying to pull 18-21 yr olds that want to be wags.  Most women actually want a kind decent caring guy more than some macho hunk.  Don't put yourself down. If every woman only wanted conventionally gorgeous and macho men there would be a lot less marriages than there is.  Looks are very unimportant to most women as they tend to not be visually stimulated but emotionally instead so a good caring guy is going to get on much better than some macho twat who thinks he is gods gift.
Your only problem with women is your lack of confidence.  Seeing one prossie makes you comfy but getting out and seeing a different one each time will help you overcome your insecurity once you realise we are not some unknown species that just wants the macho hunk.  The more women you meet the more comfortable you will feel around them and the more chance you will have of meeting a civvie woman as you will be seen to be self assured and in your comfort zone around women.  We do like a confident man.  That is more of a turn on than most things.  Just don't confuse confidence with arrogance as some do

Offline Jvosta

Where is vorian when you need him?

 IMO if you really like her, be happy that you get to see her and experiencing things with her, even if she's never going to be yours.

Of course you can never really know if she is sincere when she tells you things, or just things you want to hear....but that's just how it is

Offline Toshiba

Just remember shes only after ya money, only interested in ya money, fucking you for ya money

Get it now?

Go shag another hooker, then another, then another

They all just want ya money

Hope thats put you off her

. . . and whatever you do, don't read the "Emotional Attachment Syndrome" thread!! ;)

Offline SirFrank

If you are happy to keep on fucking her for cash at a reduced rate, knock yourself out but accept she has no feelings for you and you will never have a relationship with her other than on a punting basis. If you genuinely have feelings for her you will have your heart broken if you carry on. I e never had a punting relationship like this but when I was early 20s I had a relationship with a 30 year old woman who I worked with. She was engaged and living with her fella. I started to develop feelings for her and she started talking about leaving him etc. then she said she just wanted a NSA relationship. I wanted more at this stage but went with it all the while knowing she was just using me. I got to the stage where it was starting to really get to me and started to think I've got to end this when she broke it off and said she had to concentrate on her relationship. It was a terrible relief!

2 years later he fucked off with a younger model. We worked miles apart at this stage and I'd moved well and truly on. I then bumped into her on a night on about 5 years later and she was all over me. Later in the night she asked me if we could go out on a date. I said sorry that ship has sailed. I didn't get any real joy from it as such and the whole experience was a learning process for me. Never again
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Offline Pauluk1

If you get her at that rate for 3 hours of non stop fucking then fair enough.  If not I'd pay her for an hour max and eat the pizza and watch the movie by yourself.
The cash saved can buy you another punt.

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