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Author Topic: Reallygoodgirl69  (Read 1154 times)

Offline schohtt

Anyone tried an appointment with her? Her feedback is a good sign and she looks very fit for a woman her age (MILF fan here ;) )

https://www.adultwork.com/60658 or https://www.adultwork.com/reallygoodgirl69

Just wondering if anyone has had an appointment with her and what it was like before I book her tomorrow.
I know and understand why there aren't any face pics. So, out of those of you who have seen her, can anyone tell me if her face does her justice? Because the 57 y/o thing is deceiving with a body like that.

Bit of a late reply but I've only just come across this post.

I saw her about 10 years ago. On the positive side, she was very friendly and accommodating even going as far as picking me up from Hartlepool Train Station as I was car-less at the time. On the downside (especially bearing in mind she would have been 47 at the time if the stated age is genuine), she certainly wasn't a looker. She wasn't totally minging or anything but I don't remember her being anything to write home about.

Service was standard fare as well.........altogether a very average punt, but you could certainly do worse if you're into your older ladies.

Offline Jayb_32

I saw this wg a coupe of years ago, I should have know by the price she would be what I expected.  Certainly older than the photos suggest - I would have put her at 60 when I saw her.

Chat was nice enough - place was ok - service was average for me.  Although that could be because I struggled to get hard for this granny.  I was looking forward to getting out of there.

I certainly have no plans to go back.

Surely this WG is classed as a GILF rather than a MILF

I don't think I would ever see someone who is close to or even over 60 years of age

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