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Author Topic: Confessions of a Pimp  (Read 1020 times)

Offline akauya

Anyone seen this?


"TITS and ASS ...TITS and ASS...TITS and ASS... When you ask Tim 'Sharky' Ward what he does for a living that's the general response you will get. Sharky is a real life pimp.

He's an New Zealand born Aussie now living in Pattaya - the epicentre of Thailand's sex tourism industry.

Sharky originally went to Pattaya to get cheap steroids and budget shags. But he loved it so much - he stayed - turning his sleazery into a full time job.

With more than 65,000 Facebook likes and 45,000 twitter followers, he's a popular guy with influence. But you can't ignore that he might be exploiting young women and promoting what many would deem disgusting behaviour...."

Any of the Pattaya aficionados met him or shagged one of his girls?

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