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Describes herself as age 44, size 12, 5'4", 36" chest.

I would say she is that age, is size 16 at least, she does have a large chest, but also has a good sized stomach too.  The pictures on AW hide the stomach and in general downplay her size.  I would say facially she was plain.

£100 for 60 minutes (in theory), no extras.

Services provided, but as this one is from a while ago I'm a little uncertain on some of these:
Kissing (not much of it I think), Handjob, Oral (with), Reverse Oral, Doggy/Mish/CG.

Overall good, phone call made and booked, required to call for directions once close by and got the final directions.

Nice new build flat, plenty of space to park, clean room, no shower offered at start or finish.

Carmella's attitude during the punt was average at best.  I remember having issues in mish and doggy due to her size, so cowgirl worked out best.

At around the 40 minute mark, encouraged to finish and then the meet abruptly came to an end.

Overall, I was tempted to give this a neutral but went for the negative as there were no outstandingly good areas to her service, the profile is a bit misleading in terms of size and with carefully positioned pictures and due to not getting the full time in.  I would not pay the £120 price she now has.

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