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Author Topic: Sweet-Nicole of Harrow  (Read 3336 times)

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Offline riker

https://www.adultwork.com/2242062 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%2Dnicole+xxx

Gorgeous Romanian young 22 year old bitch. Exactly as per pics. Slim and v busty, breasts are lovely. Pussy nice and shaved, might even have been waxed, smooth and no redness.

Location was a house nr West Harrow station. Residential street, safe day or night. Male voice in the downstairs lounge, assume it was her pimp.

Door was opened by her dressed in dressing gown/bath robe. V unsexy.

Was asked to leave my shoes downstairs, no problem. Was lead upstairs to a fairly dark bedroom. I switched the main light on, which she was unhappy about, but I could see that she was indeed a young beauty with a delightful body. She asked how long i wanted, i said 1 hour, she said no, only 30 mins, she had another booking. My instincts immediately picked up that this would be a lousy punt, she was a money hungry whore who was looking at the better hourly rate from a half hour punt at £60 rather than 1 hour at £80. Nevertheless, I was horny as hell and decided to give her the fuck of her short, miserable life. Handed over the £60, she (presumably) went downstairs to give it to the pimp.

When she came back, her attitude had hardened. I sensed she was cold and distant. But i was prepared for this. I immediately stripped her of her clothes, and started kissing her face. She was not on for DFK, but i didn't care. I moved down to her breasts and spent some quality time there. I then quickly stripped myself, now with a huge hard on and commanded her to put it in her mouth. She was about, rather reluctantly give me owo, fortunately i stopped her and pointed to a condom. She sucked for a min or two, crap technique.

I then pushed her away and laid her on the bed, ready for missionary. I stroked her pussy, very smooth lips, but no fingering allowed. Started fucking her in missionary, and then in different positions. She made no effort herself, but was becoming irritated at having to change into different positions. I cared nothing for her mood and concentrated on fucking her hard and strong. Spent a good 15 mins, almost 20 mins doing so. Finally came deep inside her. She was furious about how long I had fucked her for and pretty much threw wet wipes at me then stormed outside to the loo (i heard it flush). I laughed long and loud, cleaned myself up and dressed. She came back put her clothes back on, I don't think she even cleaned herself up much. Dirty bitch!

Unless you know hw to handle skank like this, i don't recommend. If you do, go for it!  :hi:
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Good review.

 I do hate them wags who are all friendly before the money is exchanged, then turn all sour and cold when the money is taken and safely stashed.

Had her on my hotlist as I think she's looks good and is local to me... May have to delete her now.


"I laughed long and loud, cleaned myself up and dressed.":  I love it! Good for you, turning a lemon into ... er. .... a lemon curd.

Offline Tim20

At least you pissed her off !! So nothing sweet about Nicole !! She's says she's not your typical girl next door !! She sure ain't !! Let's hope enough people do their homework on here first she's sounds a right  bitch !!
Banning reason: Fluffy white knight admitting to planning to leave positive review for sole reason to cancel recent negative

I'm still very keen on her as she is just my type.

I've noticed she's no longer in harrow and has moved to,

Town: Aldgate Liverpool Street Tower Hill Bank Mile End

As stated on AW. Might take a gamble this week....

Back in Harrow now.

Lucky for me, since its too far away.

Would have gone to her at Tower Hill since I'm a sucker for a pretty face :dash:

Offline ddfun

Profile has now been shared with another girl....original Nicole's puctures were showing yesterday too....no indea whar her service is like.

haha  good job dude, made some hard core fucking to the dirty bitch.

If I were you, I will keep fucking her until times up, even I will not cum inside her  :lol:

Offline Jvosta

I remember a review on Nicole from ex UKP member Troyb...wasn't Nicole the blonde girl with Santa hat?  I'd definitely go for her....anyone have info?

Offline Jvosta

Same profile different girl

Any idea where the blonde girls gone?


She looks cute...I think..or maybe it's just the Santa hat
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