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Author Topic: Sandra and Betty of Luton  (Read 3688 times)

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sandrawet and betty xxx of Luton

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I phoned and received a 2 word text by return, ‘text please’ and the reason was clear when we met, not good Emglish speakers - and I know no Hungarian. But I was given the postcode and street name and on arrival given the house number and welcomed in such a warm way as never before.

There was a formality to the welcome first, in the corridor at the door that I remove outdoor shoes and pay. I gave them my cherries which acheived smiles and kisses all round, broke the ice and I was given a warm snoggy welcome. I am always happy with my mouth full.

End of terrace in a well kept but busy street. Parked half on the pavement but could have gone down a side street but it was raining. Spotlessly clean house with bright wooden floors. Open plan downstairs where a third slim lady was seen in the background eating her lunch. Upstairs, a quick pee in the very clean bathroom, into the bedroom and the welcome continued in a way I have never had before. Sandra and Betty moved close to each other and kissed and canoodled while I struggled out of my clothes. Neither lady was wearing very much, exposed their tanned limbs and bosoms and their hands wandered everywhere. They girated and danced around gently and then included me into their soft embraces, all done standing up, Hands on my bum, hands around my back, hands on mister happy, kisses three ways at once, slithering tongues, one of them went down on her knees and gave us both a quick lick down below. I was the jam in their sandwich. I have never had such a threesome while standing up for a full ten minutes. I know as there was a clock on the mantel. I kissed and caressed them everywhere I could reach and they did the same to me.

Enough! I lay on the bed, on my back and Sandra moved her thighs over my face and I started on a light lunch, while Betty took my sausage. We carried on for a while until Betty came up for air and snogged Sandra above me and I fingered Betty while carrying on licking Sandra. After a while we swapped and then all flopped down together for more kissing, canoodling and stroking in every possible combination. If it was a show for me I have no way of knowing. They acted or they were as affectionsate and sensuous with me as they were with each other. Both voluptuous without being fat. Sandra had the best boobs, extremely delicious and large for her slim frame. Betty a few more saggy signs of aging around her middle but very active and positive. Both tanned from a solarium (I asked).

Eventually I entered Sandra in missionary position very slowly and she made the right noises. Then Betty’s turn. Both felt delicious. Back to Sandra for a long slow shuddering happy ending except it was not the ending. We cleaned up, lay down entwined with each other and then they started again. We ate some cherries each feeding the other from the dangly stalks like in a movie. They produced a double-ended dildo, sat on the bed and proceeded to girate each other and kss and caress around the dildo for more climaxes. (Oddly enough they put condoms onto the ends of the penis-shaped dildo!) I did not see Then the brought me in, kissed me some more, and massaged my shoulders and feet and generally relaxed me. They insisted that until the booked hour was up I could not just get dressed and slope off. I have never seen two ladies for a punt who were into each other to this extent. I have never seen two ladies for a punt who were so sensuous and conscientious after a punt appeared to be over. It was great. £160 for a really full hour.

Downstairs I saw the third lady and recognised her from a previous punt in Luton. It was Jessica:
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1526976 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessica+forever

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2 review(s) found for jessica forever linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

oops sorry if in one place there is a mistake as I could not carry on editing, I could not see if they climaxed on the dildo but I could hear!

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