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Author Topic: Casandra Sensual  (Read 665 times)

Roland D Hay


Posted this thread in the South West section as she keeps moving her profile but she's back in Birmingham already or rather the location tab has changed. Accesses account from Romania and doesn't bother reading emails.

Offline vision2014

Hi to all this casandra girl works Sorry Worked in ASPIRATIONS in Birmingham stirchley on pershore road I seen her twice there last year last time being November I actually did go there last week only to find the gate way to the door was locked up so don't know if its shut down or what
She goes by another name at aspirations She gave me a good service banging Tits. Ive seen her in Worcester too but I went for the other girl there that day She does Cheltenham too There is a ring of about 4 girls all from aspirations who move in this circle
Anybody heard anything on aspirations

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