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    Author Topic: Ashley - Diamonds  (Read 1421 times)

    Anyone know what her previous incarnation was?

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    Offline DaveMugabe

    difficult to judge by a single picture sorry - anyone else?

    The legend that is Anth might have some ideas

    Online AnthG

    My guess was Charlie on first seeing the profile, other than this, nope no idea.

    Offline toon972

    I do not think it is Charlie,but I think someone should find out.

    Offline Highlander

    I was wondering this myself...

    Hope it is someone more exciting than Charlie but Anth may be on the money with that guess.  Hope not as Charlie was probably one of my most forgettable punts ever.  I was hoping it was the artist formerly known as Amelie but clearly not as she had huge boobs.  Anyone know what happened with her?

    Offline ohfook1t

    Amilee big boobs?. Not when I last seen her. She was all skin and bone

    Offline DaveMugabe

    yes when I saw her she was quite saggy and I think was wearing a wig

    She was also quite poorly, I was seriously worried about her, she re-appeared for a week the has never been seen since. I know she is good mates with Savannah and it might be worth seeing her to check she's OK.

    Then have a good shag

    Online Bengeo13

    Has anyone seen Ashley at Diamonds - can't find anything about her, but that could just be me!

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