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Author Topic: Mercedes- Highbury & Islington  (Read 5552 times)

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Description- She's a larger lady, so won't be to everyone's tastes but she is gorgeous with lovely lips and amazing breasts. Her ass is amazing too.

Location- Around 10 mins walk from Highbury & Islington Station, a small flat in quite a posh area

Comms- When I called , we spoke briefly, mainly about location. She then texted me her postcode. When I got to her location I texted her then she called me to tell me her door number.

The Sex- ahhh the sex!   :D
I was greeted with a friendly smile when I arrived, before being led to the bedroom where I was offered a choice of soft drinks (I had some water) I don't know why but I was a little shy about meeting Mercedes. She instantly put me at ease by putting my head in between her amazing brestas.
I handed over the cash (150 for 1hr 1/2) She went to put it away and when she returned we began passionately kissing, hands everywhere, like we were a couple that hadn't seen each other for months.
Once our clothes were off we went over to the bed and carried on, me kissing her neck, sucking her nipples, before heading sour to sample her sweet pussy, I must have been down there for 15 mins straight, vehemently kissing, sucking and caressing her clitoris- She finally came (my first time making a WG cum :D) I slipped 2 fingers inside and began to fuck her, before adding another at which point she came again. Throughtout this she was very encouraging (suck that pussy baby!) Which I loved because I knew she wasn't faking it.
I then asked her if she wanted to sit on my face, to which she gladly replied "yes'
This went on for another 10 mins, before we switched 69, where she had the most amazing technique switching from balls to cock seamlessly.
By this point I was so horny and I just blurted out "I want to fuck you" to which she laughed at and grabbed a rubber. I spilt her legs open and began to pound her in missionary for 5 mins before switching to doggy for a while before exploding onto her huge ass.

We cleaned each other up before chatting about life, she's the most laid back, friendly and polite person I've met (and the first WG from Barbados I've been with) Throughout the chat we cuddled and kissed each other before my tool restarted and she gave me a toe curling blow job. On with the jimmy again she climbed on top of me riding like a rodeo on cocaine, but I kept slipping out :( So I fucked her tits became rock hard, and jackhammered her in doggy, her ass is so divine :) This went on for quite a while before we switched to inverted missionary where I pounded away, hands on her tits, before cumming on her ass again.

We cloned up and chatted again, before we both jumped in the shower, which was just a comedy show lol spraying each other with water as well as comedically washing other down.
After we dried off and spoke some more while we were getting dressed- at no point was I ever rushed out of her flat.
After I got a kiss goodbye, I felt like I had just shagged an old friend who I'd always thought was hot, it didn't feel like a punt at all.

Would I return- hell yeah! I will be back for sure- it was the best sex I've ever had- hands down.

Treat her well and she will do the same guys


Bloody hell! To paraphrase Benny Hill's character in The Italian Job "you like 'em big"
Good review and glad you had a good time.

Offline 3HK

Nice review

I am partial to a fat bird, will add to the hot list - she looks & sounds interesting

She looks like you'll get diabetes from going down on her..

Offline punk

how did you find your way out?

Offline vorian

Thanks for the review, glad you found a good punt which suited your taste.  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline bigdaddykane

i saw her yesterday for an 1hr...she's delight ...i had a good time.
she treated me like a king.

A Burger King? She's huge. Each to their own of course. One of those times I am surprised at what there is a market for.

Offline LL

I then asked her if she wanted to sit on my face, to which she gladly replied "yes'
You're a braver man than me!

Offline dilettante

She's a larger lady ...
why not just call a spade a spade?

why not just call a spade a spade?
Oops, I'm sure you didn't mean it, as it's gone out of fashion, but a "spade" was almost as pejorative as the N word when I was a lad. just letting you know, not having a go.
« Last Edit: February 02, 2014, 08:32:48 AM by dickdanger2005 »

Offline dilettante

Oops, I'm sure you didn't mean it, as it's gone out of fashion, but a "spade" was almost as pejorative as the N word when I was a lad. just letting you know, not having a go.

Ah OK, didn't know that, interesting.  I personally think that Debussy's piano piece "Gollywog's Cakewalk" is a disgrace and all publications and recordings ever issued containing this appalling nomenclature should be recalled and burnt in the interests of back-compliance with PC.

But as far as "an alternatively-proportioned  lady by any other name would still snap your cock in half" is concerned I see 3HK already has - did she sing too, I wonder ... ?  ;)

Debussy's piano piece "Gollywog's Cakewalk"
Ah interesting. Cakewalks were slaves' dances, parodying the minuets and promenades of the white land owners.
So was Debussy having a pop back I wonder, using the term Gollywog?
« Last Edit: February 02, 2014, 09:17:32 AM by dickdanger2005 »

Loving the jokes. I've been saying this for decades. Big girls try harder. You like your woman like your coffee? Black and strong.

I am definitely putting her on my things to do list.

Offline iPad3

I am definitely putting her on my things to do list.

I'm definitely not!!

Fair play to anyone who is game though!!!

how did you find your way out?

Fuck that, how did you find your way in?

Offline cornbeefinspector

no way id let her go on top !!!!!

Offline Festisio

Fuck that, how did you find your way in?

By emptying a bag of flour over her and looking for the wet patch.

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