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Author Topic: miss.Kerry Ripley  (Read 4410 times)

Has anyone visited this lady ??she offer a great deal a the moment just wonders is any https://www.adultwork.com/1421630

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I visited her once. The deal does sound too good to be true and like most things in life it is. She has a cum once policy, so if you were planning on going for round two, you'd be disappointed.

Having said that, she was a nice, friendly girl and gave a reasonable service. I haven't been back since, but if I was looking for a quick shag and I was in the area I might pay her another visit.

I saw her a long time ago she used to work in Derby from a flat near the river and from Swadlincote as well.

I saw her in derby, very slim very petite and I am unfortunately a little big. Nice to kiss cracking body for her size and I only ever tend to cum once so not an issue for me.

Thanks guys for the info,what's the point giving you extra-time but you not allowed anymore action so just have a cuppa and chat lol I was going to visit her but I guess not now..(:-(

for someone that been around the scene there are no reviews on her

Offline adman555

I made the mistake of seeing her , she is a nice lass but the photos are totally fake she must be at least mid 40. Would deff avoid

Thanks adman for be warning,I was just about to arrange to meet her?The straight thing id her doesn't look that good anyway and they are faked????? :scare:

She has hidden her feedback which for me is always a no-no.

She now does a weekend special for 30 quid, wonder if worth a punt?

So you now save £20 an hour but all of the above still applies !

Offline yorkshire123

Profiles that are obviously written by a pimp make me feel sick, Read the important tab her pimp insists in calling himself (herself) her profiler.
Why the fuck anybody would walk into this type of situation is beyond me  :unknown:
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline Owwhatanight

I went to see her last year on a hot sunny day session and was shocked at the size she was and much older,should have walked but she was a very nice person tho and good fuck but nothing like her photos other than blonde. For what i paid it was ok thats all

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