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Author Topic: Natalie__ in Bristol  (Read 4004 times)

19 review(s) for CLAUDIA___ (12 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
7 review(s) for Natalie___ (3 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline vorian

She did say "at the moment". She looks hot so told to text me if it is an option at some point later...Might be a health issue at the moment, dunno. She still looks hot but if she isn't as hot as I think she is I am not willing to waste my time for very vanilla service. If someone is into OW, shes probably worth a shot but at 120 Id need OWO at a minimum. Natalie takes a CIM for 100 ffs and she is not bad looking at all...

Yeah OWO is a must for me as well.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline Joe88

I'm trying to book her, but she says shes busy between 6 and 7

Online webpunter

We seem to have two threads going here side-by-side
Natalie & Erotic Laura
Fine by me - they are both in the same location & both look fit
EL's landing strip looks particularly stunning & quite rare [IME]
Will be reading future posts with interest & when in the area next will have to try one out
Just depends who is available i suppose.  Am tilting towards EL
Thinking about side-by-side then maybe some inventive UKP / AW 'member' could line this up
Twice the cost per hour & the best of both worlds potentially - one a little bit fitter by the looks of it but no OWO/CIM
And the other by no means the ugly sister at all, but with OWO&CIM

PS Daffodil -I haven't seen Natalie yet, Monday turned out to be no good for me so I'm aiming for later this week.

And trust me, if I *was* her landlord, I wouldn't let any of you fuckers anywhere near her!

Online webpunter

** Natalie Alert **
Post from one of the SE boys
Along the lines of the Pet Shop Boys - "Go West"
That's exactly what she's doing - back to Brissol
Bummer, as had trip into London next week & was planning some fun
Will wait for her to return

Offline SirPhilipXX

Yep, Natalie is back in Bristol on 24th.
That stroppy Laura has cleared off to Belfast.

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