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Author Topic: ~DEE~  (Read 2421 times)

64 review(s) for ~DEE~ (58 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Duke L

Little bit overdue with this, and to be honest, considering how highly regarded she is on here, not really necessary....I'm going to do it anyway though as I had such a good time!!

Venue - Hotel in Grays Inn Road, (Kings Cross end).  Was nice, nothing more, nothing less.

Appearance - Great.  I've read somewhere on here she's around 30 odd, can't disagree with that.  Fantastic tight, toned body, peachy ass and great tits!

Services.  The lot, (bar anal).  Started with a nice massage, and without any prompting from me, started with a bit of rimming, before flipping me over and taking as much of me as she could in her mouth.  Lot's of sloppy owo, 69ing, toys and kisses like her life depends on it.
Finished round 1 with a great tit wank with her doing everything she could to get me to face fuck her whilst slipping in and out of her tits.
Round 2 went along the same route as round 1.  I always find it more difficult to come after the first pop, so ended up with me wanking off in her mouth as she had her toy in and out of her pussy.

Nice chat afterwards, talking about this that and the other.  Very easy to get on with, very open, and all in all a cracking punt.  I've done the double now, (her and Cindy), and hard pressed to say who's better.  I guess I now need to get them both together sometime?!


64 review(s) found for ~DEE~ linked to in above post (58 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline ibet

There have been many reviews about her, could any of you guys think of a look a like?, also how saggy are her tits?
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Offline ciscoxxx69

There have been many reviews about her, could any of you guys think of a look a like?, also how saggy are her tits?

The lookalike thing has been done to death on here. Just take it from me (and all the others) she is f*cking gorgeous  :drinks:
Her large natural boobs are almost perfect....Saggy??? WTF ?  :unknown:

She is gorgeous, attentive, inventive, classy......A 'Platinum Service' service all round  :hi:


+1 totally hot and sexy and no saggy bits anywhere on her toned body - great service and attitude - def a 'Gold' Standard girl IMO - also several others also agree - just ask herbie he just loves seeing and fck Dee -

100% top girl along with Cindy - I think they are doing duo's this week - top G/G action - busy at work so cannot see this week

Offline rf017

Take it from me that Dee is
 the the best around.

It took me two years before I finally got round to seeing her and now I can't keep away.

She truly is world class at what she does and how she looks.

To sum her up is "Once met never forgotten" and you will keep going back time after time.

What have you got to lose.

Offline herbie007

I just got back from a 3 hour meeting with Dee and as always I had a great time, I've seen her numerous times now, yet I keep going back for more, IMO Dee has got it all, she’s a fun girl who gets pleasure from giving pleasure, and to top it off she’s gorgeous with it.

I don’t think I could have described Dee any better than Cisco, Password and rf017 have mentioned above; she is gorgeous classy 100% top girl who provides a world class Gold service.

@ Duke L
Glad you had a good time.

@ ibet
Her tits are not saggy, she’s got gorgeous tits.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline ibet

Didn't mean to offend, just natural with age. May treat myself for Valentines day  :rose:

Offline ciscoxxx69

Didn't mean to offend, just natural with age. May treat myself for Valentines day  :rose:

Do it !   :drinks:
If you don't enjoy yourself, I'll pay  :D. She is as good as it gets!!!! :dance:

Offline rf017

Had a threesome yesterday with Dee & Cindy. Went to heaven and back.

I left them with one hell of a smile on my face after seeing them.

I can only say one thing try the best and leave the rest.

I cannot recommend Dee and Cindy highly enough as a duo or Solo.



Hi rf017 glad you had fun - several members have had these girls as a 3some and all have said how great the session was -

Maybe do an updated review in the lOndon section? I am sure members would like to hear how good these 2 girls are as a duo

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