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Pleasuredome has a number of reviews on this site and significantly more on AW. I was looking for a tie and tease session ( I’ve never had one) and as I enjoy meeting mature experienced women, Pleasuredome seemed the perfect choice.

Completed initially through AW message system, then txt and a call. Very easy and efficient, no dramas

She is a tall woman, with curves, a ready smile and a sense of humour. In my opinion looked a little younger than her stated age.

Modern terraced house not far from the airport. Easy to get to for me now the new airport link road has opened. I initially parked right outside but thought better of that and parked around the corner and walked back. I’m a nervy type of punter but soon relax once I feel there are no concerns. Bedroom was just right, low lighting, large circular bed, set the mood perfectly.

I was asked what l liked, tie and tease session was my reply. Oh lovely my favourite was the reply. Told to get comfortable while a bottle of cold water was provided. We can’t do this with you fully clothed I was told , my inexperience being evident. Anyway off came the clothes, pillows arranged so my head was central, the restraints appeared and my arms spread wide I was tied and then blindfolded ( this apparently heightens the available senses). Then she said she’s off to the shops and see me later.
She explained that there would be no marks and I could bring the session to a halt anytime. The next hour was filled with anal play, use of vibrators on me, face sitting, kissing, stroking , sucking on those nipples, as soon I was getting into one bit she would stop and move on that’s the tease element. Near the end she used her edging technique for about ten minutes before I had a really strong climax. A clean up and a chat. No penetration but I was looking for a tie and tease session. I think I was there about 75 minutes overall.

A really enjoyable session with an experienced woman in a safe environment. Just what I enjoy. She is aware of UKP and was more than happy that I was going to do a review.

Yes this woman has a lot offer and I need the experience
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26 review(s) found for xxpleasuredomexxxx linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She's by far the best I've ever been with. Paid or unpaid no woman ever came close to her. She pushes all of my buttons and more.

Good review  :hi:

Thanks,I can understand your comments  faultless meeting probably my most enjoyable .

Offline Fac51

Cheers for the review pal.

yes she blew me away also....

wonder if I can get to see her before Xmas again ???!!!???  :D