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Author Topic: Kerb crawling Blythwood square/Anderson cross  (Read 1421 times)

Offline bawbag63

Anyone old enough to remember blythwood?
I lost my punting virginity there to a wg called cathy she was superb!!
It was in my mums car! I picked her up banged her for about 10 seconds and shot my load in her bareback ouch, but she was cool about it and took me for a drink afterwards then we went back to the car for another session all this for a tenner!
Looking back now I know she only did it for the drink but wow I can't still raise a stiffy 33 years later just thinking about it :D

Offline RandyF

Banning reason: Troll

Anyone old enough to remember blythwood?

Yes, but does anyone remember there used to a sauna in this area as well, think it was holm st

Offline bawbag63

Yeah was in there a few times allways remember a tidy aussie bird called kelly who gave me my first ever rimjob fkn heaven

Hi bawbag I'm a little older than you but recall the girls talking about a young guy.
He had a thick 12 inch cock and shagged them all bareback then demanded a good rimming just to take away all their pussy gushing juices that had splashed all over his cock and ran down into his ass crack as he pleasured them to sexual oblivion.

Oh so your the great guy that was the legend back then 33 years ago and have now decided to let your fellow glesga punters know who you are.

If only Susan Boyle had got that bus from Bathgate into City of Glasgow back then you could have had her singing like an angel a lot sooner.

Nighty Nite have a good wank bawbag63 and yer pal Jimbo85

Offline bawbag63

Shit I've been rumbled after all those years

Offline spenser

1969. Blythwood Square. Rita. Went to a flat in Springburn Road owned by a doctor who was done for renting out flats to prossies.

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