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Author Topic: patricia and katrina in benthral green  (Read 1475 times)

Has anyone ever seen  patricia and katrina in bethnal green? I am able to post their links here but dont know how to do it via my iphone. I have looked their numbers in this forum but i havent found their reviews.

If noone has, i am happy to take this one for the team in two weeks time as i will be away from town today.

Can you out their profile names as they appear, in quotation marks and their locations so we can look them up?

Finally i figured out how to copy and paste in iphone.

It comes up as can't display profile for me...

For patricia the number is 2328788

Cheers. 4 girls, same group/agency whatever, same profile text, the green background and pic style looks familiar, all joined 22/23 this month, low rates, zero feedback....others might disagree, but I'd consider it a waste of time as I'd expect shit service in a group incall location, or a bait and switch...

I wouldn't bother,but others might disagree and toft.

Also, none are verified etc.

They also all have the same phone number.

Thanks your genuine reply, brother.

Thank u for your hardwork and saving me from a trouble.  :dance:

Offline punk

There is a surprise.price right but nothing else added up.

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