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Author Topic: Indian Rani  (Read 3044 times)

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Offline nwbrfc

1 hour - £130

A nice 2 bed apartment in a small 3 story block, with on road parking outside. So anonymity assured.  2 indian girls in residence, but only Rani that I can see on AW, so not sure where the other girl is advertised(?). If the main bedroom (with ensuite) is occupied, then the bathroom is the only other option, with only a bath and bar of soap and it didn’t have a light (so Rani used her phone torch as a source of light).

Rani is a slender little lovely with great cum to bed eyes and a full on sex drive. She fucked like a duracell bunny and enjoyed it hard and deep all the way to completion.

The only issue(?) that i can think of thats worth reporting is that her body, whilst lovely and slim, shows the ravages of childbirth in certain areas. Which is not a problem for me, but maybe for others. So best to go aware.

I’d definitely recommend though. but at £130, she's probably too expensive for a repeat.


1 review(s) found for NEW INDIAN REENA XX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Blitzed

So you shagged on the floor in the bathroom in the dark ? £130.  ???

Offline nwbrfc

Doh! Yes that was poorly written - sorry. Dark bathroom to freshen up in, but lovely clean warm bright bedroom to fuck in.

IMHO - She looks a bit too old for this line of work. Based on her profile picture

Online brummierob

I'd say she's late 30's rather than 29 that it says on her AW profile , but she is'nt the only one on AW not to put their real age !!....think it could be a case of booking for 30 minutes & seeing how it goes....still find it eyebrow raising that a genuine indian escort shows her face in her gallery pics

Offline Pauluk1

Business must be a bit slow for her to put on the special offer that she has.
If it's still on tomorrow, I might pay her a visit.

Offline CarbonCopy

nwbrfc description is 100% spot on. Well worth the weekend special, she is very talented with her tongue and body and friendly.

Discreet and easy parking, will probably head back to see some of the other ladies over the next month.   Meena the other lady working in the same Apt introduced herself and seemed very friendly and could be my next punt. Was given the option of which lady at the start but had Rani on my hit list for a while so decided to go through with the punt with her and throughly enjoyed it. All services were provided with gusto.

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