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Author Topic: Hi Folks  (Read 684 times)

Hi.  I stumbled across this site fairly recently although I've been punting for a good few years now.  Having been through the site it seems to be etiquette to introduce myself ans let you know about my punting history.

I've been putting for most of my adult life.  It started as a way to get laid when I was young but 20 years later I'm married with kids, and apart from around an 18 month period I keep punting fairly regularly.

I've turned into a creature of habit over the years and have tried a good number of the saunas in Edinburgh.  I've never used AW, mainly because I like to have a good idea of what I'm getting.   These days I pretty much exclusively use BSS and most of the girls now know me.

Based on what I'm into (nothing too exciting) here's my thoughts on some of the girls there:

Daisy - Has been at BSS for years now.  Really enthusiastic and gives great OWO.  Not the best looking but definitely a great punt.

Diana - Had never been with her until this week.  Another one who gives great OWO. Would definitely have another punt with her.

Olivia - Great athletic body, and really nice to chat too.  Sex is great with plenty of kissing.  First couple of times I saw her I got good OWO but last time it wax OW which doesn't really do anything for me.

Paula - Works part time.  Never shuts up but is actually quite entertaining.   Great at OWO and is almost like a porn star with her technique.   Quite dependable to have a good time.

Heidi  - Not been with Heidi for ages but she was great any time I had her in the past.

I have had some poor punts in BSS.  I tend not to remember the girls name,  just think I'm not going there again.  I'll take more notice for future reviews.  I like BSS primarily because it's normal to get OWO, which is the main thing I'm after.  There used to be a decent number of girls changing regularly so you got some variety.  Seems to have slowed down a bit since the raid last year.

I'll post some reviews once I've done some more punting.

Offline carlisle78


I've never been into a sauna and all my Edinburgh meetings have been through AW - there are some great girls on there.
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Offline Thehun10

They've been there a long time. Particular Heidi, Daisy & Paula, must be more than 10 years. I remember Heidi talking about picking up here kids from school; they must be teenagers by now.
Never been with Daisy or Diana, seen them in the waiting room many times.
Wouldn't go with Olivia again now that she’s stopped doing owo.
I wouldn't go back to Blair street until there was a couple of new girls working.

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Welcome and imho an excellent first post.
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