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Author Topic: In London this Wednesday- looking for a cheapish punt  (Read 3434 times)

Not missing anything from what I can tell. I spoke to her once and her grasp of English meant we couldn't establish some basics. I had tried to ask about her basic service and extras and she was under the impression that I was a salesman for some reason. She didn't understand that I just wanted to ask what the price would be so I could book, as she prefers you call first.

Offline james_irish

cheers stealthhagger. any suggestions yourself?

If you want to spend £100 to get owo protected sex and an hour of it with unlimited pops, as per pictures, go for seductive maya, who I gather is back in marylebone. I've seen her twice and my only complaint is that she keeps going on holiday. I just checked and she's back today it seems. 3 mins walk form marylebone station.  There are very few that meet the criteria above, and are around etc. if I had more reliable ones, I would see a different one every week...I do suggest you check out if she has reviews on here , as with any wg.

Potential downside is  that she is very toned, and some like em rounder than that. Also she has fake boobies. If you want to film/take pics as an extra, she uses a stocking tied around her face, which is odd. It also means you can only do that once a session, as the stocking is drenched in cum so she won't put it on again of course. It's also a dimly lit bedroom usually (two girls work there together) so filming/pics aren't the best.  For straightforward services, she's good, but facials are extra and she covers your condomed penis in a very runny lube repeatedly if she says your dick is big.  She also wet wipes, even if you have just showered and are clean. She wet wipes it a lot first, and each time you have pulled the trigger.

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One I haven't seen, but heard good things about, also £100 and you can see her veri pic:

https://www.adultwork.com/1785292 or https://www.adultwork.com/Wendy%2Ex

4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline james_irish

mmm i do like the look of Wendy ;) She's Hungarian too..... I'm trying to learn the language... :) As an aside there seem to be soo many HUngarian girls working in London. Have you met any yourslef?

I have met several. One of my favourite punts was with one. Her profile was passed on and then defunct. I saw her in edgware road towards the end of last year, and she was great. She worked as Vivienne, and though I wasn't there for a massage, she clearly was a pro at it based on things she did during sex and oral. Nice body, late thirties, fine with face for filming, great facial, kept going owo after facial, really into it, great blowjob, really knew how to move and got really wet and was very dirty etc.  one of my great regrets is that I can't locate her...and it was all for £110 for the hour. I should add that she had been away for holidays according to her profile, so I was apparently the first punter since her holiday. As a result, I always try to be the first after a holiday :)

The reason she isn't my top one punt is probably because I always think my best ever punt, and worst ever punt, lie ahead sometime. The other candidate for top was polish, but claimed to be Croatian, and no longer works in London.  The amount of great wet licking she did during a Bj was amazing...also she got really wet, and really flushed during sex. Great body too...

The above are why I feel I have seen how good punts can be, as opposed to what they tend to be... :(

Offline james_irish

ah I see... Do i detect from your tone in the last lines that many of your experiences havent quite lived up to the billing so?

Yeah, it's been a series of let downs recently. Also, I've become better at checking re googling phone numbers, image search etc, so seen the extent of scamming.  I work on off during the day even weekends, so have little time continuously free, so it's very frustrating for me. I might have two or three potential slots during the week where I could punt for up to 90 minutes, as I have to be continuously free for that time of course, so it's frustrating that it's so hard to find a winner. If I found one that fit my stated criteria, I'd have her on speed dial and see her once a week or twice some weeks. Whenever i find a good one, they tend to move around a lot, move completely, retire etc etc.

Offline james_irish

ah isee. that's disappointing. maybe it's 'onwards and upwards' for you though..... i've only been with two girls. neither i must say were disappointing, one in fact was very good and i'd be happy if my future experiences were as good. i'm a bit scared of the scamming side of things i must admit...

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