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Author Topic: Alaska  (Read 2968 times)

Seeing this post is the reason I signed up to this site. I cannot agree more, Alaska is awful, would go as far as saying she is the worst escort I have ever seen. I would love to write a detailed field report about the encounter but as it was a duo I don't want to discredit her duo partner as she was very good and the reason I didn't just walk out!

Alaska old adultwork photos were heavily airbrushed and she had ALOT of make up on, when you see her in real life you wonder how she even manages to get customers to stay as she isn't attractive and her stretch marks are really bad.

She has an indie site here where you can see clear photos of her that don't appear to be airbrushed much, you will hopefully see what I mean. Here's the link: http://www.midlandsglamour.co.uk/#gkHeader

Offline pleasure

Looks kinda cute to me. That ink though... "No regrets"? What, not even that tattoo?

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