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Author Topic: Would you reveal your real identity to a punter  (Read 495 times)

A Lady i have seen a few times has now given up escorting  :( after seeing her a few times we had got to know each other quite well in that we both knew each others past and family details, even down to me calling her buy her own name not her working name. Would you give your personnel details to a regular guy ????


This is taking punting to another level, and a line that you both have decided to cross, I would never say never, but its hard to change the bounderies into the real world from that of punting.

Most guys punt because we want to have sexual relations with a woman then just walk away, uncomplicated, this way your both clouding the issue, unless your both willing to take it further.

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I'm not very good at all the secrecy and have made friends with a fair few of my clients, so there are a good handful that know stuff about me that perhaps they shouldn't, but then I class them as friends and I know stuff about them too. 

When I say I'm not very good at the secrecy I do mean with regards to myself by the way and not work generally.  The information is between me and the individual, but if I like someone I tend to be natural with them and discuss things that are important to me.

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