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Author Topic: Reya Cutie - Swiss Cottage  (Read 16048 times)

2 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2230092) (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Bratpack

https://www.adultwork.com/2230092 or https://www.adultwork.com/Reya+Cutie

I hadn't appreciated that there would be broader interest in Reya or I would have done a review earlier.

Reya is the lady in the pictures and they are recent and accurate. She is slightly (and I do mean slightly) curvy, approaching 40 (in real life, based on hints dropped, though could pass for early 30s) about 5' 3" with nice (albeit fake) breasts. When I saw her, she had straight hair (as opposed to the curls in the pics) and was wearing no makeup. I noticed a couple of minor blemishes on her face but overall felt she was attractive. She has a fabulous smile (as is evident in her pics) and is very sweet and friendly in nature.

Her profile doesn't accurately reflect the services that were on offer. In my case, I thought I was going to get a naked body to body massage. As it turns out, I got a 1 hr session which was split about 50/50 between massage and fun stuff. The massage itself was passable. I've had better and I've had worse. It was lacking in the sensuality available from others who make better use of their body to tease and tantalise. I didn't get any credit card swipes. I didn't get the teasing of the tackle from behind while I was on my front. She also didn't spend alot of time doing body slides.

All of this I'm willing to let slide since the fun stuff was more fun than I had expected. In this respect, the other half of the session was more or less full on GFE. OWO, RO, very light FK, reverse massage and full service were on offer.

I had a good experience and would return. However, she's clearly not for everyone and, therefore, gets a qualified recommendation from me. I'm not sure I would see her for massage only and I'm not sure I would see her for GFE only. But I like the combination of massage and FS and I think she represents pretty good value in comparison to a Chinese massage shop or in comparison to the other "independent" Thais on AW.

I saw her in a flat within 5 mins walking distance of Swiss Cottage tube. The flat was fine with a good working shower. But I think she has moved locations.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Saw her for 30mins at £60 and I very much agree with Bratpack's assessment. My only niggle was that she could've been more made-up (bit more lippy and makeup). She's super-friendly, not a clock-watcher, and remains on my phone as a solid Plan-B.

She finished me with an excellent oily tit-wank.

Offline mr man

She's really about 40???? she looks more like her profile age, around the 29 mark. If she really looks like her photos and really is around 40 then good on her and I can't blame her for lying about her age  :D

Shame about the fake tits, a no no for me.

Offline Bratpack

She's really about 40???? she looks more like her profile age, around the 29 mark.

Based on hints she dropped in conversation, I'm pretty confident that is approximately her actual age. The profile pics are accurate but a touch flattering since she doesn't quite look like that when you see her. She looked younger than 40 when I saw her and that's without any makeup on.

Oh, and I thought of a gripe. She had bubble bath in the shower as opposed to shower gel.

I agree with what's been said before, super-friendly with nice smile, and firm tits. Looked about mid-thirties. I only went for FS and she did the job pretty well. She wasn't wearing much makeup but still looked OK. I'd go again

She looks lovely in the pics and from the perspective that she's only £100 for the hour offers great value for money if her service is as good as you guys suggest.  It seems impossible to get a Thai girl these days that doesnt work for an agency at the standard £150 per hour. Only thing that might hold me back is CIM. She says she offers this 'at discretion' in her likes on AW but no one here has reported on that... anyone had any joy with this?... bit of a dealbreaker for me...

Actually no need to answer that. She doesnt do it! - phoned her to confirm. I hate that! Why do girls put services down they have no intention of offering. It wastes everyones time... Shame she looked like a real cracker to me.

Offline punk

Actually no need to answer that. She doesnt do it! - phoned her to confirm. I hate that! Why do girls put services down they have no intention of offering. It wastes everyones time... Shame she looked like a real cracker to me.

because either they lie or it's the pimp who does the profile.

I've yet to meet any Thai wg's that will do OWO and CIM for less than the standard £150. For the £100 I paid I thought she was pretty good, but yeah if you want CIM then you'll probably have to go plan A and cough up the £150

Offline andist

any new report on her? i was thinking to have some fs next week...

When i saw her a while back, she told me that anyone who visits her and does not want massage, she will not see them. She will provide full service, but not for the entire booked time.

She looks very nice in the pics, but when I went to see her, she looked plain and clearly had not put any effort in her appearance.

Offline riker

I posted this on another site in April:

Had b2b massage, owo and sex too. Showered with me afterwards in the well lit bathroom. Bit of a shock when you see her in the light, definitely an older woman than i originally thought. Easily late thirties, possibly forties.

I always find it a bit strange when having sex with an older woman than yourself.

Offline riker

btw, the flat is about 5-10 mins walk from finchley road tube station, if taking the bus (one was approaching the bus stop, so i decided to take it), exit not at Frognal station but the stop after it.

Shes moved again -https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2815140

Dammit! This girl was on my radar for ages back when she first worked in London, but wasn't able to see her before she moved. Back then she'd do owo - looks like she's returned minus a service - no oral at all now!  :(

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