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Author Topic: NaughtyCockLover - Banbury  (Read 717 times)

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Been about a year since I made the mistake of seeing this one.

Booked an hour.

Booking was simple enough, directions were OK but left me with a 5 minute walk although more due to me keeping my car out of sight than anything else.

Knocked on the door to be presented with two girls, one really quite fit and the other really not so, sadly it was not the fit one I was going to be seeing and it turns out it was a house mate in what was quite obviously bedsit land.
Got some FILTHY looks from her as she was leaving (Not in a good way)

Lisa (I think that s what she called herself) was dressed in civvies, jeans and top which did nothing for me and was not exactly what I was expecting but as she took me to the room I hoped she would de-robe to show something a bit more exciting.

Asked me to strip off which I did down to my boxers and she made absolutely no effort to remove hers, I had to ask her two which was met with a sigh but she stripped off down to her underwear (Beige and NOT at all sexy)

Led on the bed at which point she asked if I would mind if she left the TV on, I said no then realised it was the Jeremy Kyle show and regretted my decision immediately! She pulled my boxers off and then started to give me a semi decent hand job but I wanted some oral but when I asked for this it was refused. REALLY should have walked at this point but cock was hard so figured make the best of a bad situation and at least get the HJ.

She carried on with the HJ and she did not take her eyes off of the TV, managed to cajole her into taking the bra off but it was such a hassle I just left it at that.

Anyway, came after about 15 minutes and figured that I could at least get the same again after a brief rest so it wouldn't be a completely wasted trip. but she redressed and started telling me about her life, really wasn't interested but just let her ramble on for a while.
Fortunately common sense prevailed at this point so made my excuses and GTFO of there.

Semi decent hand job
Reasonably close to me

Residential street, no privacy
Grotty room
Not offered shower or drink
No Oral
Definitely not a size 10, closer to 14
Stupid TV in background
Way too expensive for what you actually get

Profile https://www.adultwork.com/1582184            https://www.adultwork.com/NaughtyCockLover

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Offline vorian

Thanks for the review,  imho a classic bad prossie who should not be in that line of work. Jeremy fucking Kyle that said it all really.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

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