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Author Topic: My input  (Read 722 times)

Offline Soleway

Been using this forum from a distance and really wish I found it before I had first punt. Anyway thinking its time I gave you some of my experiences although most will have been covered by others on here already. Started punting bout 2 years ago after a lads trip to Amsterdam and let's just say I caught the bug ( not the virus )have only seen 4 girls back home and for the life of me can't remember first lass I mets name on aw but she was a little older than here pics and tbh pig ugly so thinking the airbrush was used to touch her up. Anyway ill recap on the ones I can remember

Naughty Tania.  My second on aw and still one of my favourites. She's a great looking lass with a fucking incredible body and very willing to please. If you like a nice ass to look at when you pounding her then she's the one not to mention the fact she could suck a golf ball through a hose pipe

Kerri banks was another great experience although she was tired looking when I met her and seemed a little disinterested but then again it was late and I guess I wasn't her first of day. She's another cracking looking lass and an incredible fuck although she advertises natural breasts you don't need to be Colombo to realise there fake just looking at her pic. Still though I'm not put off by fake tits and found her body to die for especially her nice round ass

Simplysophie was another I met here after just deciding spur of the moment one day I'd have a punt and think she was first to reply. She's a pretty girl but not stunning and don't think I'd see again as she has marks from self harming on her arms which put me off. Still very eager to please and friendly enough so not knowing her past would be a little unfair to judge

Anyway it's not much but it's all I've had here and will update as I progress through the list  :D
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Offline seeker

Thanks soleway .
That tania gets more tempting each day.I think I'm going go have to give her a try soon  :hi:

Thania is great saw her a couple of weeks ago on her Glasgow tour........I noticed from one of the other forum posts that her profile seems to be down to limited info......possibly she is back to Uni for exams etc?

Offline seeker

Educating tania  :thumbsup:
Has a nice ring to it .

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