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Author Topic: Xx Hot Asian xx Dunfermline  (Read 1653 times)

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Offline SamScott

https://www.adultwork.com/2164609 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+HOT+ASIAN+XX

Looks 10/10
Venue 10/10
Pillow talk 10/10
Service I'm gonna give a 8/10

Right so to start off I was trying to get ahold of stuck up size 4 Jane but she has me as some time waster because i cancelled on her once after it took her like 40 mins to get back to me so I already made other arrangements.

Anyway Kitty or hot Asian is amazing.
I mean this girl is beautiful perfect 10/10 with that sexy petite Thai body and smoky gorgeous eyes.

Started with a massage and she was so hot infact I couldn't get hard lol

Then OW... This is why the service got a 8. But looks wise I'm not bothered. OW doesn't do anything for me. After a while she jumps on cowgirl. She is so tight I lasted  10 seconds and came but pretended not to lol... We switched positions to me on top and she said... You sure you haven't came already.... Fair play lol. After that I got a handjob while she cuddled up to me was lovely.

Works out of a nice newish build in the centre if dunfermline. Clean and carefree no one would know.

Pillow talk was nice she was all full of compliments and stuff.

But that face and body! And skin ouchi waa waaa!

Will go back, get her booked she is worth the drive!

1 review(s) found for XX HOT ASIAN XX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Thehun10

Thanks for the review.
I don't think you got enough for your money.
For £140 you should get owo, dfk and finish with cim.

Offline SamScott

Sorry mate it was a 30 min. But yeah I agree expensive but it's because of her looks not that you can see that on her profile

Offline jambogaz

Think I reviewed this lady a while back, is she pretty heavily but very tastefully tattooed? Think a large floral design down back. If not it's definitely the same flat, the more mature Katie also works from there.  I agree she is gorgeous,and I have met her twice so far, very nice lass, really friendly and worth the visit although I didn't like her hj technique, awfy rough on the old fella.

Offline SamScott

That's her mate. Very young and pretty with a massive back tattoo

Offline jambogaz

Can you keep a secret? She's not as young as you think...so I am told. I had her for about 23 but miles out apparently. Who cares when she looks like she does!

Offline SamScott

Yeah she told me her age... Mental! But you wouldn't know she defo like early 20/"s

Offline jambogaz

Haha I got a big surprise when Katie spilled the beans!

I'm not sure about round 3 though, round 2 didn't really go well.  Still got on brilliantly with her but it was all very mechanical & there was a horrible taste which may or may not have been lube from a previous client, not been back since, although I have kept her number.  Price has increased too, it was £60 for half hour when I went, looks like £80 now, she'd have to significantly up her game to be worth that.  Katie from the same place is older & does more massage & HR but will deep kiss you nicely too, very "oriental" in her kissing - if you have watched a Japanlez video you will know what I mean by that, haha. 

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