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Author Topic: Nicole / Monique in Lewisham?  (Read 4197 times)

Offline skyskysky

Long time lurker, occasional punter, first-time poster.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or can give any advice with regards to a Monique/Nicole in Lewisham. She was briefly on Adultwork (first as Nicole95 I believe, then Nicole HOT xxx), before her profile was deleted. Seemed young and petite in the way I like, so I sent her an email and got a prompt reply, to call her at 07800806244. I didn't do that before her profile was deleted however.

Ordinarily this would be too dodgy and that'd be the end of it, however a search for that number turns up plenty of interesting links:


The all look to be the same girl, consistent descriptions, photos don't turn up on TinEye. That's less dodgy. Still strange that she's so scarce on AW, however, and apparently no reviews either here or auto-censored. I should probably just call, but generally prefer to go for more know quantities. So I thought it'd be worth asking what the people here thought.

Offline akauya

Maybe you should take one for the team and let us know, as you seem to know a lot about her

Offline pumps

wow shes a cutie! we think similarly and I agree with your caution 100%....

I would call the number and speak to her and sus it out and see if it sounds legit, if you've been punting for a few years instincts should kick in.

I might try to visit her later seeing as she ticks all ny boxes looks wise.

I phoned her up. She told me she offers a massage, sex (protected) and oral with a condom (£70 for 30 minutes). She also told me she was French - not sure if that's true, but she definitely sounds foreign.
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Offline pumps

I phoned her up. She told me she offers a massage, sex (protected) and oral with a condom, for £70 @ 30 minutes. She also told me she was French - not sure if that's true, but she definitely sounds foreign.

I was just about to post the same thing. I never asked her nationality though but she deffo didnt sound french. I was leaning towards hungarian.

personally im bowing out untill someone else tries her first lol

Offline skyskysky

I believe her brief AW profile said Romanian -- which was another yellow flag, but good people can come from anywhere. Can't blame her for picking another origin, given the rap that Romanians are getting these days. I'm still on the fence about whether or not I feel like going for a punt at all (the mood strikes infrequently), but if I do, I might give her a try and will report back. Despite the warning signs, there's also a lot right with her (consistency from profile to profile, non-stolen picks, and dang she really *does* tick the looks box) that it might be worth a go.

Offline pumps

one other thing when i googled her phone number.......one of her many ad's stated no black guys. so if you or anyone else is double check with her before wasting a journey.


Offline pumps

Did anyone take the plunge into the unknown?

 :dash:  Monique ...avoid this girl at all costs, dont be fooled by the cute petit looks.  What a waste of my time and money. 
Put me off punting entirely. 

Seemed ok on phone and text. 

Got to the Appartment, she was not ready.  Still in slippers and socks.
Clock watching.
OWO for 30 seconds, then wanted to put on a condom - wasnt very good either way
Sex in missionary or doggy only
No kissing AT ALL!! ??
Crap massage
Bad attitude.

Trust me when i say i'm not a bad looking guy, clean and showered before i arrived
For the price there are better much punts out there for sure. In fact, she should not be punting. 

I'm done.

Offline pumps

Another dodgy romanian to tick off the list, its as if only 1 romanian in every 100 is a decent punt!

cheers for the warning

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