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Author Topic: Busty_Gina_X  (Read 1082 times)

Offline misterjt111


Anyone seen this girl before? Tried to sort out a booking for today but asked me if I could do a bit later than I originally asked for.  I replied asking when would be best for her, she read the message but no response. Asked again a while later and despite reading my message still nothing?

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Offline xMaDDD

I've seen her before, was pretty good, worth it.

As for the communication side.. Well that could be better.

Offline billyjo

She gives a good service, sexy natural body, big tits and ass.

I saw Gina at a house in Smethwick... not a good venue because of the area and the place itself was a bit grotty. However I understand she is moving to the JQ.

What I liked about her was that after popping she cleaned me up nicley before asking me to turn over for a massage and then after a half decent rub down she started getting me hard for another go without me even having to hint at it.

It was failure to launch second time but realy nice that I didnt have to ask for an attempt.

Her quote was " he is asleep :-(" that was v cute

Online curry

I have seen her a few times once at the Apollo hotel in Bham. She did work with a group of girls at one time, now i think she does her own thing.

10/10 in my opinion if she did owo it would be the top 5 punts.

Offline misterjt111

Tried again today, same thing, message read but no response, going to try someone else

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