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Author Topic: Asian/Chin/Jap - London  (Read 976 times)

Offline jaxom

Hi guys,
Im new here but have an account on another popular Australian based punting site. (Im based in Aussieland)
Im in the UK for a conference for a few days and was wondering could anyone steer me in the direction to where i could meet any Asian/Jap/Chinese escorts for my stay here. Im approximately here for a 5-6 days, before heading back.
Im staying in a very nice hotel in London CBD.


Offline sweetas

This is the holy grail I'm afraid

You won't find an GENUINE Japanese girls in London.
ANC if you find a nice pretty Chinese one, the please do share

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Offline jaxom

Really? god dangit.

Not entirely sure how the industry is over here, Are there any particular legitimate sites you can browse for privates etc;

Offline sweetas

I've had some very pretty oriental girls at a place in south kensington. Problem is you never know what you're getting until you get there.
Most are Thai in London which puts me off.
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Hey mate,

Genuinely Japanese girls are pretty rare in London - I speak reasonable Japanese so have no problem identifying the real ones. There have been a few Koreans around who I think have worked in the Japanese 'pink' industry as they speak good Japanese. This girl is Korean and nice, but quite vanilla - she also speaks Japanese pretty well:



If you're just after Asian, there's loads of Thai girls at the various agencies. Happy hunting! :)

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